Free Ticket Drops

Free Bingo Ticket Spot Prizes!

Our amazing bingo chat rooms are not only friendly and fun, but you can also win freebies!

Our wonderful Chat Hosts will frequently drop 5 free bingo tickets into randomly selected player accounts who are present in the chat room at that time. They will then announce when the drops are complete. Then it's up to you to check your account to see if you're one of the lucky free ticket winners!

To see if you're a lucky winner, visit your 'My Promotions' page and you will see your Free Ticket Drop bonus. To claim your Bingo Bonus, click CLAIM. Then log into the bingo lobby, click the green free ticket icon and your free tickets will be there ready to be used.

When and where can I use these free tickets?

You can use these free bingo tickets in our private 90 ball bingo room, The Lounge.

This exciting room is open every night from 7-10pm. It's not part of the main network schedule which means there are less players - giving you better chances of winning a prize!

Terms and Conditions

  1. 5 free tickets can be awarded per prize for Free Ticket Drops.
  2. A maximum of 15 free bingo tickets can be won per day, per player on Free Ticket Drops.
  3. In the event of any dispute on a Free Ticket Drop, the decision of the CM is final.
  4. Free tickets must be claimed from the players My Promotions page.
  5. Free Ticket Drop tickets can only be claimed in the The Lounge bingo room (open 7-10 pm daily).
  6. Min value of tickets is £0.05 (if used to buy 1p tickets) and max value is £1.25 (if used to buy 25p tickets).
  7. Free tickets cannot be used for pre-buy. They can only be used for buy-in to the next game at the time of ticket redemption.
  8. Free tickets cannot be used on BOGOF games.
  9. Players will have 3 days from date claimed to play free tickets.
  10. Tickets can be used on one game or can be split across multiple games with differing ticket prices.
  11. All winnings from free tickets paid as cash.
  12. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split between winning tickets.