Bingo Power Hour

Boosted Prize Pots in Room 1

Check out our Power Hours every day between 3-4pm and from 9-10pm when we enhance our prizes.

All prizes between 3-4pm range from £75 and £200, with £1075 to be won in total. Then from 9-10pm, they get even BIGGER with winnings totaling £2475!

Over £11,000 will be won every day and over £81,000 every week so Room 1 really is the place to be!

3-4pm schedule:

Time Prize Ticket Price
3pm £200 £0.25p
3:06pm £125 £0.20p
3:12pm £125 £0.20p
3:18pm £125 £0.20p
3:24pm £125 £0.20p
3:30pm £75 £0.10p
3:36pm £75 £0.10p
3:42pm £75 £0.10p
3:48pm £75 £0.10p
3:54pm £75 £0.10p
9-10pm schedule: Time Prize Ticket Price
9pm £850 £0.25p
9:06pm £250 £0.20p
9:12pm £250 £0.20p
9:18pm £250 £0.20p
9:24pm £250 £0.20p
9:30pm £125 £0.10p
9:36pm £125 £0.10p
9:42pm £125 £0.10p
9:48pm £125 £0.10p
9:54pm £125 £0.10p

Terms and Conditions

  1. Power Hour enhanced prize pot games take place in Room 1 daily between 3-4pm and 9-10pm.
  2. Max tickets for all games during these hours is 120.
  3. Ticket prices range from 10p - 25p.
  4. Prize pots range from £75 to £850. 4.Winnings from cash stakes will pay into cash balance. Winnings from bonus stakes are paid into bonus balance until wagering requirements met.
  5. If there is more than one winner, prize will be split between winning tickets.