Bingo Power Hour

Boosted Prize Pots in Room 1

Join the action in our latest bingo bonus offer in our Power Hours bingo room - available every day between 3-4pm and from 9-10pm when we enhance our prizes.

All prizes between 3-4pm range from £75 and £200, with £1075 to be won in total. Then from 9-10pm, they get even BIGGER with winnings totaling £2475!

Over £11,000 will be won every day and over £81,000 every week so Room 1 really is the place to be!

3-4pm schedule:

Time Prize Ticket Price
3pm £200 £0.25p
3:06pm £125 £0.20p
3:12pm £125 £0.20p
3:18pm £125 £0.20p
3:24pm £125 £0.20p
3:30pm £75 £0.10p
3:36pm £75 £0.10p
3:42pm £75 £0.10p
3:48pm £75 £0.10p
3:54pm £75 £0.10p
9-10pm schedule: Time Prize Ticket Price
9pm £850 £0.25p
9:06pm £250 £0.20p
9:12pm £250 £0.20p
9:18pm £250 £0.20p
9:24pm £250 £0.20p
9:30pm £125 £0.10p
9:36pm £125 £0.10p
9:42pm £125 £0.10p
9:48pm £125 £0.10p
9:54pm £125 £0.10p

Terms and Conditions

  1. Power Hour enhanced prize pot games take place in Room 1 daily between 3-4pm and 9-10pm.
  2. Max tickets for all games during these hours is 120.
  3. Ticket prices range from 10p - 25p.
  4. Prize pots range from £75 to £850.
  5. All winnings paid as cash.
  6. If there is more than one winner, prize will be split between winning tickets.