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Online Slots: Our tips and hints for upping your game

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Updated 22nd March 2021

Here at Crown Bingo, it’s no secret that we’re bonkers for bingo - hence the name! But when we’re not brushing up on our Bingo Lingo or testing out our bingo dabbers, we’re hand-picking the best online slots on the market for you, our royal subjects! Online slots have taken the casino world by storm. No longer do you have to take a trip to your local pub or casino to play your favourite games, you can now play them from the comfort of your own home - or if you’ve downloaded our Casino App, you can even play on the go!

We offer hundreds of different slots here, stretching across a copious amount of categories. From Megaways slots that feature the famous Megaways mechanic to some of the more Simple Slots with uncomplicated reel designs, we’ve got something for each and every one of you to enjoy.

You may be interested in playing for the first time, or you may be looking to simply up your game when you’re spinning your favourite slots. That’s why we’ve devised a dedicated casino blog page here at Crown Bingo to give you more information and guidance for our games, how to play them and our tips for securing a win.

Before we begin...

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you could improve your chances of winning at slots. Now, as you may well know, online slots just like real-life slots are a game of chance, therefore there’s no statistical way to increase your chances of winning. What you can do, however, is make careful considerations and strategic decisions when it comes to choosing the slots you play, how long you play for, and how much you stake. Hopefully from reading this blog, you will begin to understand how to choose the right slot for you in order to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Assess the Bonus Features

When it comes to bonus features, you’ve got everything from Free Spins, Wilds and Multipliers, to Progressive Jackpots, Expanding Reels and the list goes on! All online slots which contain a bonus feature of some description will come with a small amount of detail in the game description. So when it comes to choosing your slot, pick the wacky themes you love, but also be sure to have a read into the slot and what extras it actually offers. Reading up on the game not only boosts your understanding when playing, but there’s also a strong chance you’ll play a bit better than you would have if you’d just taken a spin without finding out about the game first. Sometimes slots can give you the choice between two different bonus features, and without reading up on what these mean, you could choose the worse of the two options for what you want to win. So it’s always worth doing your research and finding out if that is the right slot for you. Some of the main bonus features to look out for are;

  • Free Spins - Free Spins are arguably the favourite bonus feature amongst many players. Like it says on the tin, Free Spins will reward you with additional spins which won’t come out of your credit, meaning you can essentially land more cash prizes at no extra cost.

  • Multipliers - Multipliers are extremely varied depending on the game, but usually, they will increase by 1x your stake for each winning spin you land. For example, four consecutive winning spins would award you a multiplier of 4x your stake.

  • Wilds - Wilds often come in the form of a symbol in slots. Usually, landing a certain number of these symbols on the reels will reward you with Free Spins or a Multiplier on your stake. You can also get expanding Wilds, which when landing on the reels will transform all other symbols around it into Wilds, meaning more potential to win.

  • Expanding Reels - This feature can be activated randomly, or when a particular feature is triggered. It enables the reel layout of the slot to ‘expand’, and therefore increasing the number of paylines.

  • Progressive Jackpots - Progressive Jackpots can only be found on Jackpot slots, but the winning potential can be huge. In this feature, the Jackpot prizes continually grow until someone triggers them.

Play The Demo

Once you’ve picked the slot you want to play and before you start staking any money, it’s definitely worth playing the demo version first. Not only does this help you get to grips with the overall layout of the game and what you can expect to see when playing, but it also gives you a good understanding of the bonus features in play and how you can trigger them. All of our slots here at Crown Bingo come with a free demo option.

Understand The Reel Layout

One of the big benefits of playing the demo version of a game is that you get to see and understand the reel layout, without playing with any real money. Older retro classic slots have a more simple reel layout, such as 7s Deluxe which has an uncomplicated 3x3 formation, whilst more modern slots like Reactoonz come with a more complex reel formation with a 7x7 layout and cascading reels. It’s important to remember that whilst some slots may look confusing, of course, the more reels and rows it has, the more paylines it will also come with - which we all know means more ways to win!

Playing Within Your Means

Undoubtedly the most important consideration for you to make when choosing to play online slots is - can you afford to play the game you’re hoping to play? Affordability shouldn’t just be how much spare money you have left to use at the end of the month, but how much you can justify spending on a game(s) within your budget, how much you can reasonably set aside to spend, and knowing your limits with both winning and losing. We strongly advise all of our players to visit the Safer Gambling page before signing up and regularly during your time with us for support and guidance and to ensure a safe gaming experience at all times. We want players to have an enjoyable experience playing here at Crown Bingo, and there’s a number of considerations we recommend you make when playing your chosen game:

  • Set a budget - setting a budget not only allows you to keep track of your spending, it could also help you get more spins out of your money. For example, if you’ve set yourself a budget of £20, we recommend placing smaller stakes such as 10p or 20p to maximise your budget best.

  • Don’t continuously deposit funds when playing - We completely recognise just how good our slots are - however, we also recognise how easy it is to get carried away when playing! Once you’ve come to the end of your budget, take a break, and reflect on if you can afford to continue playing or if you’re just getting caught in the moment.

  • Set loss and win limits - Many of our slots contain the Autoplay function, which we recommend using alongside loss and win limits. Setting loss and win limits allows you to make a decision based on your budget, and once that budget is up the Autoplay function will stop. It’s easy to get carried away sometimes when playing, so setting these limits is a smart way to keep on top of your spending.

Understand the Paytable

With every slot comes a different variety of paytable. This information can be found on the game itself within the settings and shows you what each symbol in the game is worth. This can vary a lot between slots, even those which are sequels to a previous slot, so it’s always worth checking this information out prior to playing to make sure you understand what you’re playing for. Depending on your budget, you might be looking for a slot with higher paying symbols. Without looking up this information prior to playing, you could find yourself in a position where you’re staking on a slot with smaller returns than you’re looking for, so it’s important to always check this out.

Play With A Level Head

It may not seem to be such an important factor in upping your chances at winning slots, but playing when you’re in a calm and collected mood could have more of an impact on your game than you think. As mentioned on our Safer Gambling page, it’s extremely important to avoid playing slots or any other casino game when you’re feeling angry, stressed, or in a bad mood. In this state of mind, you’re more likely to make erratic decisions such as continuously depositing funds or playing over your budget. Not only does playing with a level head prevent you from overspending, it enables you to make more strategic decisions during the game which is more likely to increase your chances of winning. It gives you the ability to see past spinning just for a win, and instead how you can spin strategically to place yourself in a better position to unlock more bonus features and elements within the game.

Ready To Play? Check Out Our Top Slots

Now you feel like you’re more clued up on how you can up your game playing slots, you’re ready to start spinning. With hundreds of top online slots and the latest new online slots in our portfolio, you might be feeling spoiled for choice with where to begin. If you’re a newbie to the online slot world, it could be worth you checking out our simple slots blog, where you can find out all there is to know about some of our most straightforward slots, but don’t be fooled by the name, there are some smash-hit titles in there! For the slot veterans, you might want to keep things simple or have your shot at the big time slots such as those from our collection of Megaways slots or the enormous Jackpot slots, where the likes of Deal or no Deal Megaways and Pixies of the Forest 2 can be found. With your new-found knowledge, take a look at our huge portfolio of casino slots and get spinning - there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy!

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