How to Play Slingo Games

Play Slingo at Crown Bingo

With such a plethora of bingo games available to play at Crown Bingo alongside an ever growing online slots portfolio, it only seemed right to launch a fantastic amalgamation of the two. Slingo games originated in the US in the mid-90s and have skyrocketed in popularity across the last decade. With the meteoric rise and increased interest here in the UK, many players will be familiar with the hybrid, whilst others not so much. Throughout this guide, we at Crown Bingo are hoping to provide our players with an insight into what is Slingo alongside how to play it.

Slingo games can come in many forms. Whilst they remain formatted as a casino game, there are numerous variants that can cause a degree of confusion amongst players. Slingo encompasses both bingo and slot facets that have made the two casino games so popular. Moreover, the hybrid of the two has created a wave of new players coming forward to get involved with the fantastic crossbreed where players could be taking back some tremendous jackpots.

What is Slingo?

As Slingo games have arrived at Crown Bingo, the question on everyone’s lips is, what is Slingo? As previously mentioned, the game itself is a hybrid of online bingo and online slots, yet it arguably teeters more towards the facets of slot games that has made them so popular. Starting with a card, players will have random numbers set out to start with (much like a bingo card) that correlate with the numbers that are spun in the machine (much like a slot machine). Where Slingo really shows its relation to online slots is the use of symbols and bonus rounds. The symbol values vary as they do with slot games but the real cross-over of Slingo and slots is the use of Wild Symbols which hold the greatest value.

Slingo Games: How Bingo and Slots Come Together

Formatted on a 5x5 grid, Slingo allows players to spin the reel to land numbers that can then be checked off their card if they match. The bingo side of Slingo games pays homage to 75-ball bingo with the range of numbers available to be revealed. As previously mentioned, the game originated in the US - New Jersey to be exact - and has seen a meteoric rise over the past decade. As a tremendous bingo provider, we felt it was only right for us to bring the new Slingo games to the forefront of our collection here at Crown Bingo.

Slingo Games Coming to Crown Bingo

With Slingo games being a new addition to our portfolio, there are a number of games that are set for an initial launch with us at Crown Bingo with many more to follow! Here’s a few that are on the way:

- Slingo Centurion - Slingo The Chase - Slingo Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Slingo Deal or No Deal - Slingo Cascade - Slingo Fortunes - Slingo XFactor - Slingo Carnival - Slingo BGT - Slingo Monopoly

Bingo Bonus at Crown Bingo

As a huge bingo provider, we only thought it’d be fair to grant our players a fantastic bingo bonus to reward their loyal custom. See our Guide to Casino Bonuses to learn everything there is to know about using your bonuses.