Fair and Square Bingo

Fair For All Bingo

Equal tickets means equal chances!

Every weekday between 3-6pm in Room 1 we are giving you an equal chance to win on our bingo games. Tickets vary between 10-20p each, and depending on the game you can purchase either 6 or 12 tickets. This means that you will never spend more than £2.40 on your tickets, and most games are less than £2 for all your tickets.

So what is Fair and Square Bingo?

This is the fairest of all Bingo Games that you can find. We limit how many tickets you can purchase so that everyone in the game has the same number of tickets. In most bingo games, you can purchase up to 72 tickets, and this sometimes means that some players will have 72 tickets, and others may only have 1 or 2, meaning that the players with more tickets will have a greater chance of winning. As with all gambling, the game is entirely based on luck and chance, but with Fair and Square we want everyone to have the equal chances of winning.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fair and Square Bingo Games are part of the standard Room 1 Schedule.
  2. Games will play Monday to Friday between 3pm and 5:59pm with the exception of the Big Money Games that play on the hour and half past the hour.
  3. Ticket prices vary between 10p and 20p.
  4. Tickets purchases are limited to either 6 tickets or 12 tickets, dependent on the game.
  5. Crown Bingo reserves the right to amend or withdraw the games at any point, and without notice.