frequently asked questions

Bingo and Us

  • Are the games fair?

    Our random number generator, which generates the game outcome, uses the Rainbow Encrypto Swift card RNG developed by Sun Microsystems, that produces absolute random results.

    This ensures each player has an equal chance of winning.

    All of our casino games adhere to the British Casino Association rules guaranteeing fair gaming and player protection. A certified accountant audits our payout percentages on a regular basis.

  • Do I need my own email address?

    To register and play you must supply us with an email address where we can contact you. If you do not have an email address then we recommend you register for a free email address at

  • How old do I have to be to play?

    You must be at least 18 years old to play at

  • What is 'Live Chat'?

    If you ever have any problems at all that you want fixed on the spot and haven't got time to wait for a reply by email, then get in touch with our live support team who will be more than happy to help. No matter how small you think the problem is they are always available to guide you so just click on the 'Live Chat' link to get started.

  • Is it legal to play Crown Bingo?

    Yes. Crown Bingo is powered by IP&S Ltd (Alderney) which is fully licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Please read our Terms and Conditions before playing to ensure it is legal in your jurisdiction.

Chat Games

  • Can I play chat games and bingo at the same time?

    Yes, our chat games are designed to be played before, during and after bingo so as long as you're in the chatroom you always have a chance to win!

  • Can I play chat games even if I don't buy bingo cards?

    Chat games are a reward for our regular players and are intended to be played by purchasing bingo players. You are welcome to join in the games if you have not purchased tickets, but any wins you have will not be credited to your account.

  • How do I claim my chat game winnings?

    If you win a chat game your account will be automatically credited within 24 hours.

  • How much can I win on chat games?

    There is a £5 daily limit per player on chat games.

  • What are chat games?

    Chat games are games that you can play during bingo to win extra cash. Our Chatmasters will introduce the games so simply follow their instructions to find out how to play and win. If you're in any doubt about how to play chat games just ask our CMs - they're there to help!

  • Who decides which chat games we play?

    It is up to our CMs to choose which chat games are played. They are a really nice bunch though and i'm sure if you asked them nicely they would play one that you wanted.

Customer Support


  • How do I make a deposit?

    You can deposit funds into your account using Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Maestro, Visa Delta or Electron. We also accept Paysafe cards and Neteller. To deposit funds in to your account from the homepage, log in and select ‘My Account’ then 'Deposit' , fill in your details and choose your depositing method. Then click ‘Deposit funds’. You are advised to print the confirmation page that appears once the deposit has gone through and keep this as a receipt for your own records.

  • Can I deposit by cheque?

    We do not accept cheque deposits.

  • Can I deposit using a credit card which is not in my name?

    For security reasons we ask that you only deposit using your own card, unless you have prior permission from the card holder.

  • How do I make a withdrawal?

    Withdrawing funds from your account has never been easier, simply:

    1. Click ‘Your Account’

    2. Then click ‘Withdraw’ and you will be presented with the available withdrawal methods which are, to some extent, dictated by your deposit method – see "What are my withdrawal options?"

    3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and hit ‘Submit’.

  • How long will it take for my winnings to reach me?

    If you choose to withdraw your winnings via BACS, please allow up to 3 working days to reach your account.

    Payment back to card withdrawals are generally processed within 3 – 5 working days if your card is issued by one of the following banks: Barclay's, HSBC, NatWest, Lloyd's or RBS. If your card is not issued by one of these banks your withdrawal may take up to 12 working days. This is dictated by your card issuer.

  • Should I keep records?

    You are advised to print our terms and conditions in full and also print receipts of all transactions. These should be kept in a safe place where they can be easily retrieved at a later date. This is purely for your own peace of mind. keeps a full history of all financial transactions and all are secure using the latest encryption technology. Financial transactions will appear on your credit card statement as "Crown Bingo".

  • What are my withdrawal options?

    Withdrawal methods available to you are, to some extent, determined by your deposit methods. Payment back to depositing card rules will apply where possible. For regulatory reasons, we are obliged to credit the same amount deposited from a given card back to that card where possible.

    We offer withdrawal services to the following card types:

    1. Visa Credit Cards

    2. Visa Debit Cards

    3. Solo

    4. Maestro (UK only)

    This can only be overridden by a Customer Services agent and only in the case of a card being lost, stolen or expired and reissued with a different number. In this case, ID verification and proof that the card or account being withdrawn to is registered to the registered player would be required.

    After the amount deposited has been withdrawn to the relevant card it is possible to withdraw funds to any of the following methods:

    1. Credit/Debit Card

    2. Bank Account

    If you have made a deposit using one of our e-wallet options (Moneybookers or UKash) then you will only be able to request a BACS withdrawal.

  • What identification will I need to provide in order to withdraw?

    When requested, you must provide following information and it must be posted or emailed to our customer support team (a) photocopy of your passport or drivers licence (b) photocopy of both sides of the credit/debit card/s currently registered to your account (c) photocopy of a bank statement (if withdrawing by bacs) or utility bill that shows your name and address (if withdrawing by cheque).

  • What is the minimum and maximum I can deposit?

    The minimum deposit is £10.00 and the maximum deposit is £1,000. You can make a maximum of 5 deposit transactions in any given 24-hour period. (e.g. 5 x £1,000 deposits).

  • Why do I need to provide ID for withdrawal?

    ID Verification is a measure we have put in place to protect you, our player and to ensure that we are sending your well deserved winnings to the correct person to whom the account is registered. In addition to this, it provides additional checks against credit card fraud and identity theft.

    You will only be asked to provide your ID Verification once during your time on our site.You will be notified of the ID request on your Banking page as well as reminded by email when you have done the following:

    • Made more than the allowed number of deposits within 24 hours, regardless of the amount.
    • When you have made withdrawals to the value of £1000 or more in a single, or in cumulative transactions.
    • You may be randomly selected, as part of our security procedures, to provide ID Verification.

    Please note that all withdrawals will be viewed as pending until we receive your requested documentation. In addition, should the documents not be sent within 72hrs from the request e-mail being sent, your account will be suspended and your credit card bloacked until such time as the required information has been sent and verified.

    What identification will I need to provide in order to verify my ID?

    You will need to be able to validate your age and address when requested. Our ID team will get in touch with you with a breakdown of exactly what is needed.

    If you have MADE RECENT CHANGES to your name, address, or added a new card to your account, please provide us with copies of documents supporting these changes.

    How do I send in my ID Verification?

    You can send your documents through the following way:

    By email-: Just scan/ take a picture of your items and attach them to an email. Please forward them to the following address:


    By Post: Please provide photocopies (not originals) of the requested items, and forward to the following postal address:

    IP&S Ltd,

    Ground Floor Bevan House, 
    1 Esh Plaza, 
    Sir Bobby Robson Way, 
    Newcastle Upon-Tyne, 
    NE13 9BA

  • How can I change my financial details?

    Credit Card Details

    To change your financial details you need to have £10 or less in your account. From the homepage, go to “My Account” and click on “Deposit.” It then gives you an option to change your card details. Once you have updated the details then click “Deposit Funds.” If inside the bingo lobby or one of the bingo rooms, go to the "Account" tab, then click "My Account". A pop up will then appear which will take you to your "My Account" area.

    BACS Details

    To change your BACS details, click “My Account” and click on “Withdrawals” and look for the option which allows your funds to be withdrawn to your bank account. It then will give you the option of changing your BACS details. If inside the bingo looby or one of the bingo rooms, go to the "Account" tab, then click "My Account". A pop up will then appear which will take you to your "My Account" area.


  • What are mini-games?

    There is a selection of mini-games and scratch cards available for playing at any time from within multiplayer bingo. To access these games, click on the game you want to play – they are shown above the chat window in the bingo room – and the game will start. Any winnings will be high-lighted within the mini-game, and will automatically be credited to your account balance.

  • Can I play mini-games and bingo at the same time?

    Yes - of course. Our mini-games have been designed to be played within the bingo environment which gives you the opportunity of chatting, playing mini-games and bingo at one and the same time!

  • How do I know the mini games are fair?

    Our random number generator uses the Rainbow Encrypto Swift Card RNG which was developed by Sun Microsystems. This generates the outcome of the game by producing absolute random results. By using this system we ensure that every player has an equal chance of winning every game.

    Our casino games all adhere to the British Casino Association rules which guarantee fair gaming and player protection.

    Our payout percentages are audited, on a regular basis, by a certified accountant.

  • What kind of slot games can I play?

    Our wide range of slot games include instant and progressive slots such as Jungle Madness, Ladies Night, Clover Rollover, Pet Luck, Atlantis Gold, Mini Roulette and many more! All of these games are accessed through any of the bingo rooms. Login as usual, and then select a Room from the Lobby in order to start playing.

Playing Bingo

  • How do I buy bingo cards?

    The game view displays 6 strips each containing 6 cards. Only 1 strip of cards is displayed at any one time. You can navigate between strips by clicking the tab at the top of the strip.

    An individual card can be selected for purchase by clicking the “Select” option on the face of the card. (It can be deselected by clicking the ‘deselect’ option on the face of the card.)

    A strip may be selected for purchase by clicking “Buy this Strip” option for the strip currently displayed. To complete the purchase of the selected strips/cards you must click the “Confirm” option.

    Cards which have been purchased will no longer have the selection options. If you did not purchase all cards in your first selection you can continue to purchase more until the time remaining to purchase cards runs out. No more cards may be purchased once a game commences.

  • Do I have to mark my own card?

    When game play begins you have the option to select how you want to mark or “dab” the numbers on your cards. Choose between Manual or Auto-Dabbing. You can switch the dabbing mode at any point during the game.

  • How do I know when a game starts?

    Once the counter which shows the time remaining to purchase cards reaches 10, the Bingo Caller will begin the countdown to the bingo game. Whether you have purchased cards or not the interface will change to display the bingo game.

  • Is there a minimum number of cards I can buy per game?

    You can purchase a minimum of one card per game.

  • Can I watch a game without buying any cards? Do I have to have the chat window on during a game?

    You can still view the current game if you have not purchased cards. To return to the Card Selection/Purchase interface you should click the “Next Game” button.

  • How do I close the bingo application?

    To exit the bingo game click on the blue cross displayed in the top right-hand corner of the window.

  • How do I know the balls are drawn at random?

    Our random number generator, which generates the game outcome, uses the Rainbow Encrypto Swift card RNG developed by Sun Microsystems, that produces absolute random results. This ensures each player has an equal chance of winning.

    All of our casino games adhere to the British Casino Association rules guaranteeing fair gaming and player protection.

    A certified accountant audits our payout percentages on a regular basis.

  • Is there a game schedule?

    We have a full range of games, currently priced between 0p and 50p. You will be able to access the schedule from the lobby when you log in.

  • Is there a maximum number of cards I can buy per game?

    You can buy a maximum of 72 cards per game.

  • What do I win?

    There are 3 prizes to be won on the first completion of - 1 line, 2 lines and House or Bingo.

    You win if your card is the first to meet the following criteria:

    1 line win - when all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line on a card have been called.

    2 lines win - when all the numbers displayed on 2 lines of 1 card have been called.

    House or Bingo - all the numbers displayed on 1 card have been called.

    Details of the current prize being played for, i.e. 1 line, 2 lines or House are displayed on the Call Board.

    You will be a winner and will receive the current prize regardless of whether you have marked the numbers on the winning card. The bingo game will automatically identify a win and the Bingo Caller will make an announcement.

  • What happens if it's a draw?

    More than 1 player can win any prize where the criteria are met on exactly the same ball. In such circumstances the cash prize will be split in equal proportions between the winners. Winnings are deposited directly into the player's account.

  • What is the Bingo Caller?

    The Bingo Caller is a voice over in the game who introduces the game, broadcasts the number of each bingo ball called and announces prize winners. You can turn off the sound at any time by clicking on the speaker symbol at the top right hand of the screen.

  • What's the Call Board?

    The Call Board displays information on the current game of bingo, allowing you to track the numbers called and the prize you are currently playing for.

    A grid is displayed with a place allocated to sequentially show every number between 1 and 90. At the start of the game no numbers appear on the grid. As the number of each bingo ball is called, it is displayed boldly and also appears in its set position on the grid. The number of balls called is also displayed.

    Details of the current prize being played for, i.e. 1 line, and the cash prize on offer for each of the 1 line, 2 line and House prizes are shown.

  • Can I review previous games?

    You can see your bet history by clicking on the “Bet History” option. A pop-up window will display the bet history. You must select the game for which you wish to see the historic data, i.e. bingo or one of the specific mini games and the vital game statistics for the particular game will be displayed.


  • Can I win the cash cow and piggy bank jackpot in the same game?

    In the interest of fairness, two jackpots can not be won in the same game by the same person.

  • Can I win the piggy bank jackpot on all bingo games?

    You can win our Piggy Bank jackpot by getting a full house in 39 calls or less in any of our 90 Ball Bingo rooms. Jackpots cannot be won in games where you have not purchased a ticket e.g. free bingo games.

  • Do you offer any other bonuses?

    Click here to visit our promotions page and view all the bonuses we offer.

  • How can I win the jackpot bingo prizes?

    Winning one of our jackpots is easy all you have to do is buy a bingo ticket!

    That’s right, every time you buy a bingo ticket for any of our bingo games you are automatically eligible to win one of our jackpots.

    Jackpots are not available in games where you do not purchase a ticket e.g. free bingo games.

  • How do I claim my welcome bonus?

    The welcome bonus is added to your account automatically when you deposit, unless you choose to opt out of receiving the bonus by checking the 'opt out' box on the deposit page. Should you opt out of the deposit bonus and then change your mind please contact support who will happily add the bonus funds for you.

  • How do I win the cash cow jackpot?

    It’s easy – just buy a bingo ticket in Room 1 and get a Full House in UNDER 30 calls! If you hit a house in under 30 calls email to claim your prize. You can not win both the piggy bank and the cash cow using the same ticket. Jackpots can not be won on games where a ticket is not purchased e.g. free bingo games.

  • How to use the Bonus Code?

    To learn all about Bonus Code and their terms and conditions. Click Bonus Code.

  • What is the piggy bank jackpot and how do I win it?

    Our Piggy Bank jackpot is worth £1000 and can be won by hitting a full house in 39 calls or less. Jackpots can not be won on games where a ticket is not purchased e.g. free bingo games.

Registration and Getting Started

  • How do I log in?

    Log in by clicking the 'member log in' button on our homepage. Remember, you will need to enter both your username and password so make sure you don't forget these. However, if you do our customer support team are on hand and will be more than happy to help.

  • How do I register?

    It's easy to register and play at Crown Bingo. Just click the 'register now' button and follow the instructions. If you have any problems registering please contact our customer support team either by email or via our live chat link where one of our agents will be more than happy to assist you.

  • I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

    You can change your password by clicking the 'forgotten password' link on the log in screen. If you have difficulties with this then email our customer support team at

Security and Privacy

  • Will all my details be secure when I register?

    You can rest assured that all details entered on to Crown Bingo will be secured by the latest encryption technology which complies with European Data Protection legislation.

  • How will my transactions appear on my statement?

    Transactions will appear as "Crown Bingo" on your statement. If you have any questions about this please contact our customer services team.

  • Why do you need my security code (CVV)?

    To ensure we offer our customers maximum security at all times, we request the CVV number to make sure that any transactions made are as secure as possible.

    Your CVV number is a three digit number found on the back of your debit/credit card directly above your signature.

Technical Support

  • I can't select any tickets or chat or click anywhere when I login. What is the problem?

    A recent automatic windows update released by Microsoft has been causing some users to have problems playing bingo. If you have automatic windows updates enabled then you will most likely be experiencing problems when you try to play bingo. The solution:

    • Login as normal
    • Once loaded, click the right mouse button and select 'properties'.
    • Then click 'Ok'.

    You should have no problems once you do this. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any problems then please contact customer support at support@crownbingo.comor click live help.

  • How do I install flash?

    If you don't have flash installed you will be prompted to install this when you try and login to the bingo client. If this doesn't happen, please visit to do so.

  • What are the minimum computer requirements in order to play?

    If your computer is less than 5 years old then you should have absolutely no problems playing bingo with us. To play bingo Macromedia Flash Player version 8.0 must be installed on your PC. If this version of the player is not already installed, when you access the game you will be prompted to download the player at no charge. The bingo application can be played using Internet Explorer version 4.0 or above. To ensure the bingo game performs at its optimum level please close all unwanted programs and minimise any programs that you are not actively using. Cookies must be enabled on your web-browser.

  • What to do if disconnected during a game?

    Disconnection from the Internet is usually out of our control. Don’t worry if you have already pressed the ‘Play’ button as your latest game will automatically be recorded in our system. Should you become disconnected before you have confirmed your final wager, you’ll be prompted to complete the unfinished game when you next log in.