Play Inspired Gaming’s 20p Roulette here at Crown Bingo where players can potentially take home some huge potential winnings.

About 20p Roulette Online

Our royal players of the Crown, come hither as we showcase yet another addition to our expanding armoury of casino games online. While some of our loyal subjects tend to prefer our range of online bingo games, we feel it is our duty to provide all flavours of casino games to our players, with 20p Roulette being a great addition. Following the rules of traditional roulette, Inspired Gaming’s version encompasses an insurance based betting option, known as the Neighboring board that can add a little extra security for our players when they spin the roulette wheel. Moreover, Inspired Gaming’s rendition embodies a 3D design that many of our royal subjects haven’t been treated to too often, making this casino game addition one we are excited about showcasing.

How to Play 20p Roulette Online

Place your Bet

Before any roulette spin, players must initially place their bet by selecting the value of chip they’d wish to stake. When you’re ready to spin the roulette wheel, press the ‘Bet’ icon to set it in motion and to see where the ball lands.

Types of Bets

Inside Bets

Straight - a simple bet on any single number.

Split - betting on two numbers by placing the chips on the line that separates the two.

Street - betting on a row of 3 by laying the chips on the outer edge of the row.

Six Line - same as a Street bet but double. Place the chips on the outer corner of the two rows to bet on both.

Corner - this bets on 4 numbers. Place the chips on the line that crosses all 4 numbers.

Trio - betting on 3 numbers with the 0 included. Just place the chip(s) on the line shared by all 3.

Basket - similar to the Trio bet, place your chips of the 0 and first row.

Outside Bets

Red or Black - as simple as it sounds; a bet on whether the ball will land on red or black.

Odd or Even - another self explanatory bet, you are simply betting on whether the ball lands on an odd or even number.

Dozen - similar to a Street bet, you are simply betting for the ball to land on a column of a dozen numbers.

Neighboring Bets

A unique addition to the game of roulette, 20p Roulette allows players to stake a bet on the Neighboring board which will essentially cover the 2 numbers to the left and right of the chosen number.

How to Win 20p Online Roulette

Like all variations of roulette games, the way to win is simply down to luck. As the game centres around a spinning wheel with 37 numbers, there’s no real strategy to be taken into consideration. Just pick your bet, press Spin and hope for the best.

Crown Bingo’s Thoughts

With an array of betting options that accommodate all types of players, 20p Roulette is a casino game that could potentially be one of the most popular table games at Crown Bingo. It's simplistic approach to playing offers the opportunity for any player, no matter your level of experience, to get involved. If you're wanting to bring the casino floor to your finger tips try some our live games such as Lightning Roulette, bingo player's favourite Live Mega Ball or Monopoly Live.