You've seen the other 7 wonders, so have a look at the 8th Wonder slots! Fill the reels with one symbol to win yourself the Full House Bonus.

8th Wonder is a slot with a traditional feel, including a 5 win line with 3 reels. This is a great option for traditional slots fans.

8th Wonder Buttons

Bet Value

The Bet Value buttons will allow you to select how much money will be staked on the next spin. Use the up arrow to increase your Bet Value and use the down arrow to decrease the Bet Value.

Start Button

Once you've chosen your bet, pressing the Start button will place your bet and spin the reels.

Auto Button

The Auto Button will automatically spin the reels for you. You can select the number of rounds you wish to play for before pressing Start to spin the reels.

Info Button

Take a look at the games paytable by clicking the Info Button, where you can find all of the information you need.

8th Wonder Full House Bonus

Fill all 9 slots on the reels to win the Full House Bonus. All wins on this bonus will be doubled, so the maximum payout in this game is 160x your original stake!