Worms Reloaded

It's time to enter the Worms battlefield on the search for big wins in Worms Reloaded! Find the Worms Grenade to trigger exciting Bonus Wild Features.

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Game Information

Base Game

Worms Reloaded is a 5x3 reel slot with 20 paylines.



The games paytable lets you see how much each symbol is worth during each symbol.

Total Bet

The Total bet button allows you to choose how much is being staked on each game round. Press on the window to bring up all available bet options.

Total Win

After each win in Worms Reloaded, the amount you have won will be displayed in the Total Win window.


Press the Autoplay button and you will be able to make the game play by itself for up to 100 rounds.


When you are ready to play, press Spin to place your bet and start the next round.


The Wild symbol will help form line wins by subsituting for other symbols. In Worms Reloaded, it can subsititute for all symbols apart from the Scatter and Bonus symbols. The Wilds can only substitute once on each line, for the highest paying combination. There are also 3 extra Wilds that can be triggered by the Worms Grenade - Banana Bomb Wilds, Donkey Wilds and Bazooka Wilds.

Worms Grenade

The Worms Grenade in the logo can explode at any point, triggering 1 of 4 bonuses.

Banana Bomb Wilds

As the reels spin, a banana bomb will explode on the screen, populating the reels with banana bomb Wild symbols. The reels will respin with all the Wilds if a worm appears and fires a bazooka.

Holy Hand Grenade

As the reels start to spin, a Holy Hand Grenade will explode, causing additional bonus symbols to be added to the reels. This will give you an enhanced chance of triggering one of the gmes bonuses.

Teleport Mayhem

If Teleport Mayhem is triggered, then the reels will stop. A worm will then press a teleporter button which will reshuffle the symbols into a winning order. This will keep on happening until the Teleported backfired and blows itself up.

Concrete Donkey

One of the worms will press a button as the reels spin, causing a Concrete Donkey to fall from above and create Wild reels.

Bonus Rounds

Find a bonus symbol on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels and you'll be taken to one of the games bonus rounds. The Bonus that you play with will be determined by which symbol lands on the final reel.

Battleground Bonus

If the Battleground Bonus symbol lands on the final reel, then you'll be taken to a new screen that shows mines scatted across the Battleground. You will then have to choose mines, which will each reveal a multiplier, a collect sign or one of the other Bonus rounds. Keep on picking mines until you are taken to a new Bonus Round screen or until the Collect sign is shown.

Jetpack Bonus

If you win the Jetpack Bonus, you'll be shown a new screen set in space. The Jetpack Bonus is split into 2 different stages - a multiplier trail and a Big Money Bonus. In the multiplier trail, you'l have to choose UFO's to advance along the trail and earn a bigger multiplier. If you choose a UFO and it reveals a mine or a dynamite, then it will blow up the Worm and the feature will end. When the Big Money Bonus round is reached, then you will have to choose one planet to blow up, which will reveal a massive Big Money multiplier.

Blitz Blast Free Spins

The Blitz Blast Free Spins are all played on a screen that features a Worm tied up to a missile. You'll have an unlimited amount of Free Spins to play, with your Spins only ending when the worm is fired up with the missile. The Free Spins will start when another Worm comes onto the screen and lights the fuse of the missile. As you spin the reels, each time a Worm symbol lands on the 5th reel, the fuse wil be shortened. As the fuse gets shorter, the multiplier for each win will increase. Carry on spinning the reels until the fuse is up and the Worm is fired into orbit to end the Bonus.

Super Sheep Free Spins

This time, the Super Sheep Free Spins are based around a castle. The Free Spins are all played on a 5x4 reel, and you will be awarded 6 Free Spins. During each spin, up to 3 Super Sheep can trigger, causing Super Sheep Wild symbols to be scattered across the reels. The Worm on the side of the reels could also shoot down any of the Wilds added. This could happen on any of your 6 spins. At the end of the spins, you'll be presented with 3 Grenades. Choose one and reveal the Super Sheep to retrigger the bonus. If Collect is revealed, the Bonus will end and your wins will be awarded.

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

Worms Reloaded is the latest slot that gives you the chance to win the impressive Jackpot King Promotional Pot system. Find 5 Jackpot King overlay symbols on reels 1-5 and you'll be taken to the Jackpot King Bonus. In this Bonus, you will spin the Golden reels in the search for Golden Crowns, to advance up the Cash Trail. After each spin, you'll have to choose an icon to reveal Spin, Collect or Wheel King. Revealing Spin will spin the reels again, revealning Collect will end the Bonus and revealing Wheel King will automatically take you to the Wheel King Bonus. Find 15 Golden Crowns and you'll be taken to the Wheel King Bonus, where you will have the chance to spin for the whole Jackpot King Progressive. Spin the Wheel to win up to 1000x your bet or take home the whole Jackpot for yourself!

Game Stats



Min. Bet


Max. Bet




Bonus Round

Worms Grenade

Bonus Wilds

Battleground Bouns

Jetpack Bonus

Blitz Blast Free Spins

Super Sheep Free Spins

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System