Cleopatra is back and bursting with features in Cleopatra PLUS! Play with the Level Up Plus feature for more bonuses and a permanent increased payback!

Base Game

Cleopatra PLUS is an ancient Egyptian themed online slot that is played on a 3x5 reel with 40 fixed paylines.



Press the settings button to change the games volume and quality to suit your playstyle.

Line Bet

The Line Bet decides how much is being placed on each of the 40 paylines in play. Use the right (+) and left (-) buttons to choose how much is being placed on each line.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window shows you how much you will be placing on the next spin of the reels.


Press the Spin button to place your bet and begin the next round.


After each win on Cleopatra PLUS, the amount you have won will be displayed in the Win window.


The total amount you have left to play with will be shown in the Balance window.


Pressing Autoplay will allow you to make the game play by itself for a selected number of rounds. Each round will be played using the Total Bet that you have selected.

Stacked Wilds

Every reel comes with a randomly sized stack of 2x Wilds, up to 10 symbols high. If a Wild symbol is used in any win, then a 2x multiplier will be applied to that win.

Deity Symbols

Cleopatra PLUS comes with a choice of 6 lucky Diety symbols that you can choose to place on the reels. Choose one Diety to place on the reels at one time. Choosing Aset, Bastet or Hathor will spread the symbols across the reels, providing more frequent wins. Choosing Amun, Ra or Anubis will place stacked symbols on the reels, giving you a chance at bigger wins.

Free Spins Bonus

Find at least 3 Bonus symbols on the reels to trigger the Free Spins Bonus. You can choose for your Bonus to be played in 1 of 3 Bonus Realms - Alexandria, Nile River Valley and Pyramids of Giza. Each Realm features 5-7 locations, where you will be able to place your followers. You will get one follower for each Bonus symbol you find on the reels, with a max of 7. Each location you place a follower will give you a different award. These awards include - Extra Free Spins, Multipliers, A Cash Award, A Last Spin Multiplier and a number of Super Spins. You will start with 5 Free Spins guaranteed, but you can choose to place your followers as you please to make each Free Spins Bonus unique to you.

Level Up Plus Feature

The Level Up Plus Feature is now available on Cleopatra. Collect followers to unock additional features that can help to permanently increase your payback. You'll keep you levels each time you come back, so don't worry about losing all your progress when you close the game. Each time you level up, you will unlock one new feature:

Level Unlock 1 - 2 Nile River Valley Bonus Realm 3 New Bonus symbol with 2 followers 4 3 new Diety symbols 5 New Bonus symbol with 3 followers 6 Last Spin Multiplier Feature 7 Pyramids of Giza Bonus Realm 8 Super Spins Feature