Crazy Time awaits for our royal subjects in the fantastic addition to our live casino online! With an abundance of bonus rounds and potential multipliers that can reach up to 20,000x, Crazy Time ticks all the boxes for what equates to a fantastic online casino game.

About Crazy Time Casino Online

Crazy by name and even crazier by nature! Gather round the screen royal subjects as we delve deeper into the phenomenal online casino game that has made its way to the Crown Bingo kingdom. While many know us for our range of bingo, our live casino portfolio is one that is expanding rapidly. Crazy Time is a money wheel game, similar to what we see in Dream Catcher & Monopoly Live with 54 segments on the wheel, players can land fantastic cash prizes as well as some gargantuan multipliers. With a live dealer and 4 specific bonus rounds that could multiply potential winnings by 20,000x - Crazy Time possesses all the necessary qualities for what makes a smash hit online casino game.

How to Play Crazy Time Online Casino

The aim of the game is simple, players are betting on where they think the wheel will stop once the live dealer has set the wheel in motion. To start, players must set their stake and bet on one of the bet spots as to where they believe the wheel will stop. You can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10 and you can bet on the wheel landing on one of the bonus rounds. While the game focuses on the Crazy Time wheel, there is also a 2 reel slot that will spin alongside the main wheel and can reward players with a multiplier each round if the numbers align.

Crazy Time: Bonus Features

Cash Hunt

Possibly the most multiplier rich bonus round to have graced Crown Bingo’s live casino, the Cash Hunt round unlocks a wall of 108 multipliers for players to potentially land. Taking the Top Slot from the base game into consideration also, if you land the Cash Hunt prize on the wheel and slot, you’ll have the chance to play for all 108! To win one, a timer will begin where players will shoot a cannonball onto the wall which will determine which multiplier they’ve unlocked.


Pachinko is somewhat similar to the Cash Hunt round but with a few differences. Firstly, there are 16 random multipliers that are located at the foot of the screen where a puck is dropped from the top and where it lands in the puck drop zone shall determine the multiplier. Secondly, Pachinko offers players a whopping 10,000x multiplier if they land enough Doubles with the puck. Moreover, the bonus round offers a Rescue Drop that can multiply the stakes by 2x, 3x or 4x depending on where the puck lands. If the drop comes to your rescue, all multipliers of a lower value shall be replaced and equalled to the Rescue Drop.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip features a two sided coin with a blue and red face with two different multipliers. Flip the coin to find out which multiplier you’ve landed. If your multipliers are too low, don’t worry, there’s a ‘Rescue Flip’ feature that can increase the values.

Crazy Time

Possibly the best bonus feature of them all, the Crazy Time bonus has a 64 segment wheel with an abundance of multipliers at the helm. There are three flappers to choose from which will help decide which multiplier prize players take home. Following on from the base game, the wheel will spin and whatever number the flapper lands on will determine the prize. As there are 3 flappers in the bonus game, the chances of you landing a prize are greater and if the flapper of your choice lands on either Double or Treble, the multiplier potential could reach up to x20,000!