Put down the remote and grab your devices as Crown Bingo brings Deal or No Deal to their players. This is a tiered game that impressively combines RNG-based qualifying and prize top-up rounds, accompanied by a live host in order to replicate the TV game show.

About Deal or No Deal Live

Here at Crown Bingo, we bring you Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming, taken from the popular TV game show. This live game comes with unique prize multipliers and can be played by a vast amount of online players for the chance to land the cash prize through the 16 sealed briefcases, all with different amounts of cash in them. Once every briefcase has been opened players will be given the option to trade in their briefcase prize for the Banker’s offer.

How to Play Deal Or No Deal Live

The Qualifying and Top Up Rounds

For players to qualify to play in the Deal or No Deal Live they have to spin the three-reel bank vault wheel and match up gold sections in the top central section of the wheel and unlock the bank vault door that will give access to the Deal or No Deal Live game show. To amplify the chances of qualifying, the players can buy 1 or 2 rings by selecting ‘EASY’ or ‘VERY EASY’.

The gold sections on the bought rings will be automatically arranged on top and this will amplify the amount of the bet chosen by the players by 3 times for 1 ring (EASY) and 9 times for 2 rings (VERY EASY). It is important that players do this in the qualifying time and if they don’t qualify in the given time, they will be offered automatic qualifications for the next round. It is up to the players how many times they want to spin the wheel in the time provided and each spin will cost their bet amount. The more value the bet is worth, the bigger the value that will be in the briefcase to qualify for the game show. Each spin sets the amount of money that will be in the biggest prize briefcase by 75x-500x the amount the bet.

When the qualifying round takes place, players have the choice of any briefcase to become the biggest prize case. For this, they have to press on 1 of the prize values listed down the left and right-hand side of the screen. Players will have the chance to select as many as they like in the given time. The more value the bet is worth the more value there will be in the briefcase for the actual live game.

Top Up Wheel

Once players have qualified they will be shown the Top-Up wheel and they will be given the choice to top up the money in the briefcase by 5x to 50x their bet amount. Players will get to spin the Top-Up wheel as many times they wish in the time given. Each spin costs the same as their bet amount.

The Main Game Show

Once the players have qualified and entered the main game, their briefcase will be placed on the table at the front of the studio with the host and a hotline to the Banker. The remaining 15 cases will be set in 2 rows and the host’s assistant behind. Each 1 of the 16 briefcases will have a number ranging from 1 to 16 and they will be set randomly around the studio. The amount in each case will be shown on the left and right side of the screen. During the game, the assistant will open the cases to show the numbers and the money in each case. Once the case has been opened it can't be part of the show anymore.

Deal or No Deal Live Special Features

First opening and offer

3 out of the 16 cases will be opened and the Banker will make the Deal or No Deal offer and the players have the choice of:

If ‘DEAL’ is chosen the amount of money that has been won by the player will be seen in the winning message and added to the balance of the contestant. At the same time, the player is offered the chance to return back to the qualifying round.

If the player chooses ‘NO DEAL’ they will go on with the game.

If there is no decision made in the time given, players will automatically be in the next round of the game.

Second and third opening and offer

4 more randomly arranged cases will be opened and the Banker will be present the player with the same offer again - ‘Deal or no deal?’

Fourth opening and final offer

There will be 3 more randomly arranged briefcases that will be opened with 1 contestant and the other case that is left. The Banker will make the final offer of - ‘Deal’, ‘Switch Briefcase’ or ‘No Deal’.

If ‘Deal’ is chosen, players will take the offer and collect winnings.

If ‘Switch Briefcase’ is chosen, they can end up with either more or less money.

If ‘No Deal’ is chosen, players will keep their assigned case.

The final opening

When playing in the final opening, there will be 2 briefcases left to be opened.

If ‘No Deal’ has been selected for the Bankers last offer the money in the case will be won.

If ‘Switch Briefcases’ is chosen players will win the prize of the other briefcase.

Royal Review: Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal has made its way into the casino in many forms including bothSlots and Live Casino Games. Two notable mentions are Deal or No Deal Megaways and the new Deal or No Deal Slingo. Being a hit TV series makes this no surprise. We absolutely love Deal or No Deal Live which provides you with a game show experience minus the awkwardness of being in the studio with an audience! With quality gameplay, an exquisite design and professional hosts it's simple to see why this game has become so popular. And that's before we mention the chances of winning big!

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