About Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play Slot

We know our online bingo players liked the fantastic Deal Or No Deal Megaways, but this time the game is back in a new online slot that gives all our players a little blast of nostalgia.

Taking inspiration from a classic TV show loved by all, Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play is jam-packed with amazing bonus features ready to surprise you throughout the game! It doesn’t matter whether you collect Big Money, Extra Lives or Free Spins, the real question here is are you able to beat the banker? This astounding game is playable on all devices, so pick the one you prefer and let the games begin.

How To Play Deal or No Deal Slot


This tab is bursting with information that will permit you to browse symbol values, winning unions and the rules of the game.


This button allows you to choose from the given values. Once you are content with your selection you are able to proceed with your game.


If you’d like the reels to spin automatically, don't forget the ‘Autoplay’ function! This will establish a predetermined marker, this could be in the form of a number of spins, loss limit and more!


Once you are content with all factors, pressing the ‘Start’ button will position the reels in action and begin the game, Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play online slot game.

Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play Bonus Features

Bonus Board

Once there are four numbers in illumination the beaming Bonus Board will become active. The aim of the game at this point is to get that lucky number 8! This will begin the super trail bonus; thus starting a reaction and setting off one of the mini features:

A totally random number of symbols shown on the board will highlighted, until a sole symbol is chosen by random - the corresponding prize will then be awarded.

This bonus may give you that much needed push around the board in order to progress further into the trail.

Win Spin
Who doesn’t love a win? This winning spin will be the result of a reel being spun and automatically landing on a winning combination.

Super Board Trail Bonus

Now we’re getting down to some serious business. The Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play Super Board feature is situated at the top end of the playing screen, this is also the place where the exceptional Trail Bonus will start. Your challenge is to move around the board and collect a variety of different features. These can be Free Spins, Extra Lives, cash prizes - and this isn’t even the half of it! There is an extravagant amount of different features you can possibly accumulate - 16 to be exact!

Big Money
It is in the name! You will be shown 10 glistening golden boxes, each of the boxes contains a multiplier that has been between 100x to 1000x. Once they have all shuffled around you will be the master of your destiny as you choose one.

Power Play
The power is really in you! The reels will spin, leaving you in charge with the answer; is it a yes or is it a no?

Box Magic
Mirror, mirror on the wall, which box holds it all? Pick your devilish red box of choice and see what prize it holds.

Back On It
What’s in the top 7 is the real question. Illuminating tiles will be your reward.

Cash Combo
This bonus feature is the same as the Bank.

Star Prize
You have a choice of 3 blue boxes, which one will you choose? Inside the blue box is a number of steps, awarding you with the power to progress through the trail.

Big Reds
Nothing but red. In this bonus round only the red values can be played, the illuminated value will become yours.

Box Clever
Pick 1, 2 or 3. The choice is yours, what you select is what you get.

Reel Rush
Get ready to ‘Stop’ the reels as they spin - did you get that winning combination?

Easy Money
Nothing beats a classic. This feature is a traditional gamble feature. You pick - want to go higher or lower?

Crazy Cash
You don’t need more than three chances to climb this cash ladder.

Cash Code
Get ready to press ‘Stop’ when the reels spin out, whatever numbers are present are the how many steps you will climb up the ladder of cash.

Money Box
3 blue boxes… which one has the money? Pick one and see the whether it's your lucky day or not.

Turbo Gamble
Turbo gamble allows you to move up or down the ladder.

Hot Shot
The highlighted blue box will hold your prize.

Win Spin
Just spin and win.

Crown Claims

Our other Deal or No Deal slot is one of the most popular online slot games here at Crown Bingo, so adding another one to our collection is just a treat for us! If you’re a sucker for the classic fruit machine style slot games why not give Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play a go? Having an impressive 16 features such as Super Trail bonus and Win Spin, there’s bags (or should we say boxes) of potential! If this is something that tickles your fancy why not try out Deal or No Deal: Scratch.