Spice up your potential wins El Jackpotto online slot! With red hot bonus features, are you fierce enough to wrestle for the prizes on offer Dust off your best boots and step inside the ring to win the championship of riches!

El Jackpotto is a Mexican themed slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines.

El Jackpotto - Buttons

Feel the burn of winning in El Jackpotto online slot game! Use the top and bottom arrow buttons to increase or decrease your desired bet value.

Earn your gold bet in El Jackpotto online slot, before you begin, make sure the bet value is selected and once you’re satisfied, click the ‘Spin’ button to spin those mexican themed reels!

Staying on the wrestling leaderboard can be tiring so take a break in El Jackpotto online slot. Simply, click the button with two spinning arrows to indicate Auto. By selecting this button, this will allow you to spin your reels automatically, for a number of rounds you wish.

El Jackpotto Bonus Features

Smack That Ass
Hit the pinata and WIN! In El Jackpotto online slot, it presents the fun filled feature called Smack That Ass. You must choose your lucky pinata to start the bonus, so which one are you most drawn to? During this feature, eliminate 4 pinatas and their prize or bonus round to receive a roasting cash prize offer! It’s taco or no taco. Watch out for the pinata swap!

Pound For Pound
Powerslam into El Jackpotto online slot for the chance to play Pound for Pound feature. During this feature, you will be presented with a screen filled with ‘Belt’ symbols, all you need to do is click the ‘Belt’ symbols to increase your winnings or the prizes available. If you’ve got 3 or more ‘Taco’ symbols then you will be on the road to riches as you will enter BIG money! Remain focused as you need to stay on guard for the ‘Skull’ symbol on your reels as once the ‘Skull’ appears on your reels, this will ultimately end the bonus and collect your prize. Punch your way into El Jackpotto online slot to see if you’ll fight your way into victory!

Rocket Wild Free Spins
Fly into El Jackpotto online slot and play the Rocket Wild Free Spins Bonus! During any spin, El Jackpotto can make an appearance and activate the Random Rocket Wilds. Recieve 5 Rocket Wild Free Spins in which, up to 15 positions wild.

Ready To Rumble
Put em’ up, Put em’ up!? Defeat your opponent to achieve up to 4 free spin rounds! These free spin rounds could help to increase your winnings, so battle through this chance! Can you handle the heat? Beat all your opponents to enter the Big Money Bonus in El Jackpotto online slot!

Ultimate Luchador Big Money Bonus
Live for that golden title in El Jackpotto online slot! If you trigger the Ultimate Luchador Big Money Bonus in El Jackpotto online slot, you will get to spin the reels, to collect special symbols and unlock the Big Money Bonus.

Senor Burrito Reel Modifiers
What’s that smell? Senor Burrito can trigger at any given time on any spin and award one of the following modifiers: Tomato Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Colossal Fart, Chilli Sauce or Super Fart Bonus Reel.