The most popular casino game has been brought back to life at Crown Bingo. European blackjack is Microgaming’s version.

About European Blackjack

It’s not just about online bingo here at Crown Bingo, as we continuously source and add the best casino games on the market for all our players to enjoy! Whilst many of our mobile casino players may be more familiar with the American version of blackjack, the European version is actually one of the most popular casino games across the continent.

Our latest addition is a great entry-level for new players whilst maintaining a high enough level of quality for even the most experienced players. Played in a computer-generated environment, blackjack players have the chance to improve their skills in a much more controlled setting, which allows them to improve their skills without having to break the bank.

Whilst the two origins of the game largely remain consistent with one another - there are a few differences that make the games unique from one another. Here are the main 5:

European blackjack plays with 2 decks as opposed to 6-8 as the American counterpart does.

In American blackjack, players are able to double down their bet on any hand value, whereas in European blackjack players can only do this when the hand value is between 9 and 11.

When playing European blackjack, players can only split once during the game whilst in the American version, you can split multiple times.

In the European version of the game, there is no ‘hole card’ which simply means the dealer will not peek at their cards for blackjack as the round commences.

American blackjack possesses much more aggressive forms of the game from betting to card layout.

How to Play Blackjack

Set your Stake

Set your bet by simply pressing the chips and dragging them onto your betting square. The chips themselves vary in value, ranging from £1 to £100. Once you’re happy with your stake, simply select the ‘Bet’ option to initiate the game.


Once you’ve staked your bet, hit the deal option to initiate the game. Once the cards have been dealt, players will be met with a number of options:


This tells the dealer you’d like another card.


This tells the dealer you’d like to stick with the cards you’ve been dealt.


This tells the dealer you’d like to split the cards you’ve been dealt into two separate hands. From here you stake another bet on the new hand you have created.

Royal Commentary: Our Verdict

European blackjack is a great alternative to our [Live Blackjack Party(/games/live-blackjack-party) game and provides our newer players with the perfect platform to develop their skills. If you're looking for a table then you're in the right place. Play Lightning Roulette or Live Texas Hold'em.

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