The lost city of Atlantis is back, in the King Of Atlantis online slot. Legend has it that you could take home the golden riches when you play the mighty bonus features! Dive deep into the ocean to look for the long lost treasure.

King Of Atlantis - Buttons

Total Bet

How much is your fortune worth? In King Of Atlantis online slot, select the ‘Total Bet’ window to adjust your desired bet amount you wish to play with.


Watch the action unfold in King Of Atlantis online slot! Once your ‘Total Bet’ is selected and you’re satisfied, click the ‘Spin’ button to begin!


View King Of Atlantis online slot when you click the ‘Paytable’ as this will show you the worth of each symbol as well as information on the bonus rounds.

King Of Atlantis Bonus Features:

Gigantic Wilds

Forget Wilds and look out for GIGANTIC Wilds in King Of Atlantis online slot! Side bets increase the number of Gigantic Wilds and increases the overall RTP.

40 coins standard bet with 20 Wilds (2 Gigantic Wilds) 25 coins side bet with 40 Wilds (4 Gigantic Wilds) 50 coins side bet with 60 Wilds (6 Gigantic Wilds)

Gigantic Wilds symbols cover two adjacent reels, will you spot those Gigantic Wilds!? Keep a look out as they’re not hard to miss and could help increase your winnings massively!

Free Spins Bonus

FREE spins!? That’s right! In King Of Atlantis online slot, the Free Spins Bonus is triggered by the combination of a Bonus symbol and a Gigantic Wilds symbol. Bonus-triggering Gigantic Wilds symbols stay Wild for the duration of the bonus. Note: the slow down extender feature for Gigantic Wilds increase player anticipation.