Take a seat and play along with our live dealer as you bet on a hand in the electrifying Lightning Baccarat from Evolution Gaming where you have the chance to win massive potential multipliers in the lightning round.

About Lightning Baccarat

Here at Crown Bingo we always like adding new games to our collection whether that’s online bingo, or online slots, but we also have a wide range of live casino games hidden within our arsenal, and we’ve added an electrifying game to that list thanks to provider Evolution Gaming. The brains behind the popular Lightning Roulette, they’ve supercharged yet another game where players can get the feeling of playing like James Bond.

Lightning Baccarat is very similar to the traditional version of Live Baccarat with the aim of the game to predict which hand will be closest to 9. The game is played with the same rules as all Baccarat as each game contains a deck of 8 cards which includes all card values, but in terms of how the totals are calculated, picture cards hold zero value and aces are only worth 1 point. If the hands add up to above 10, the second number is used to calculate the total.

What makes this game different from normal Baccarat is the lightning element, with the potential multipliers on offer which come from 1-5 cards that will be dealt. If a player has one or more matching card in their chosen winning hand, the winnings will be multiplied accordingly.

How To Play Lightning Baccarat

Before any cards are dealt, players will need to bet on which hand will win a game in Lightning Baccarat. There are two hands to choose from and three available outcomes. These are the Player and Banker's hands, and the other outcome on offer is a Tie. If they bet on the winning hand, they will receive a payout at the appropriate odds. It’s also worth noting within this game there is a 20% fee added to cover the Lightning round.

Lightning Round

When a player has placed their bets, the Lightning round will take place before the actual hands are dealt. In this round, the cards drawn will be assigned a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x multiplier. The multipliers on offer can potentially increase your winnings by 512x, and if you bet on a Tie and there are 6 matching cards, it could result in a multiplier of 262,144x your stake. After this game, a normal hand of Baccarat will then commence.

How To Win A Game Of Lightning Baccarat

During a normal game of Lightning Baccarat, the game will commence when the live dealer deals a hand of two cards called the Player and the Banker, the value of both will then be calculated and announced. With ten and picture cards being worth 0 points, these are discounted, and the total will be taken from the other cards in the hand. If the value is above 10, the first digit will be removed and the second digit will be the total. If no natural win occurs, additional cards will be dealt to find a winning hand.

Lightning Baccarat Bet Types


Selecting the bet on the Player’s hand in Lightning Baccarat will see you paid out at odds of evens or 1:1.


Placing a bet on the Banker's hand will be paid out at odds of evens or 1:1.


Betting on the outcome of the game to be a Tie will be paid out at odds of 5:1.

Pair Betting

If players choose to place a bet on whether the cards in any of the hands will be a pair this will pay out at odds of 9:1.

Lightning Baccarat Royal Review

The live casino here at Crown Bingo is full of games, and we’re happy to welcome this new addition to our collection as it gives all of our players the feel of playing in a land-based casino from the comfort of their home while still interacting live with a dealer. Offering you the chance to win large potential multipliers, as well as winning hands of the traditional game, it’s a top addition from Evolution Gaming. If you’d like to try more of our live casino games, then why not spin the wheel of Monopoly Live or try your hand at some Live Blackjack?