Lucky Valentine

Gaze upon Lucky Valentine online slot game as those golden riches could be yours! The bonus features could help increase your winnings!




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Wilds, Free Spins, Tower Bonus, Cupid's Gift, Love Bomb, Mega Wilds, Cupid's Reels, Love Modifier


Total Stake

How much!? In Lucky Valentine online slot game, you can use the arrow keys to adjust your desired bet amount you wish to play with.


Watch the love unfold in Lucky Valentine online slot game! Simply make sure your Bet amount is selected and once you’re happy, click the Spin button to begin.


In Lucky Valentine online slot game, you can press the Auto button to spin your reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish.

Bonus Rounds

Love Multiplier

What a saviour! In Lucky Valentine online slot game, Cupid flies across the reels, hitting the Love Multiplier to send you a lot of Valentine’s Cards which will multiply your wins! Who doesn’t love a secret admirer!?

Love Bomb

I spy with my little eye?! In Lucky Valentine online slot game, Cupid peeks from the bottom of the game and shoots an arrow to trigger a Love Bomb of Wilds raining down on the reels. Wild symbols are incredibly beneficial as finding enough Wilds can increase your winnings, now that’s what we like to hear!

Cupid’s Reels

Cupid strikes again! In Lucky Valentine online slot game, your head will be spinning around from all the astonishing cash prizes up for grabs. Keep a close look out for Cupid as he could fly across the reels and create a whirlwind of symbols. Once everything settles down, only the top-paying tiles remain for the chance of BIG wins!

Mega Wild

In Lucky Valentine online slot game, Cupid’s up to his old tricks again and could fly in a shower of flickering hearts with a huge diamond ring 3x3 Wild symbol, offering simply breathtaking wins!