Crown Bingo players are able to set aside their board games such as Monopoly, as Monopoly Live has been brought to Crown Bingo ready to be played on either mobile, desktop or tablet.

About Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is an Evolution Dream Catcher exclusive edition, that has taken inspiration from the much-loved board game. This live casino game allows our Crown Bingo Players to watch the host spin the wheel and the they will have to predict where the pin will land. Monopoly Live also comes with a Bonus Game that features Mr Monopoly himself and he will be strolling around the board collecting prizes for the players. The dice is the most important element of the game as it will decide how far Mr Monopoly walks. If you're a fan of all things Monopoly Monopoly Megaways may be another game worth checking out!

How to Play Monopoly Live

The Main Money Wheel Game

Crown Bingo players will be playing on a wheel that has 54 equal sections divided by pins. 48 of the sections will have labels with a number (1, 2, 5, 10) and each will come with a different colour. The rest of the 6 sections are - 2 ‘CHANCE’, 3 ‘2 ROLLS’ and 1 ‘4 ROLLS’.

Players have to bet on a section of their choice - every section will be shown in the UI on a matching coloured betting grid apart from the ‘CHANCE’. This is placed in front of the wheel and the game host. The game host will be spinning the wheel and when it comes to a stop the winning section will be at the top of the wheel and if it is a numbered section the bet has been placed on the players will win. If the wheel stops at one of the ‘CHANCE’, ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ this will give more chances for players to win if they have bet on those outcomes. Every bet has odds matching the number in the winning segment.

The ‘CHANCE’ Segments

If the ‘CHANCE’ segment is what the wheel stops on, the Chance card will be shown by Mr Monopoly. The card will show either a random prize or random multiplier bonus.

If the Chance card shows a cash prize then every player will win the random cash amount shown on the card.

If the Chance card shows a multiplier bonus, all the players bets will remain in place and the host will spin the wheel again with the multiplier enhancing the winnings for the following spin. If the multiplier is triggered more than once, it will be multiplied again.

The Bonus Game

In order for the Bonus game to take place the bets must be placed on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ or both. When this takes place Mr Monopoly will set off on his stroll in the 3D Monopoly realm. Bets must be placed on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ of the wheel on the Bonus game. If there are no bets on either of these sections the Bonus game will be in play but no prize wins.

When the wheel lands on ‘2 ROLLS’ the Bonus game will be in play for a minimum of 2 rolls of the dice and if it is the ‘4 ROLLS’ the Bonus game will be in play for a minimum of 4 rolls of the dice. If players land a double rolled in the Bonus game another roll of the dice can be applicable. When every dice roll has taken place, Mr Monopoly will walk around the board to gather cash prizes for the players. The number of squares he takes a stroll on will be equal to the total of the two dice in that dice roll. The prizes will be collected from the stop where the dice have rolled. The players total Bonus game winnings will be seen and added to the Bonus win. When the dice rolls are finished all the player's Bonus winnings will be paid together with the beginning bets and they will be returned to the main game.

Royal Review

Dreamcatcher has long been a popular choice for players at Crown Bingo. There's no doubt that Monopoly Live will follow in the same footsteps. The graphical inclusion of the interactive Mr Monopoly is a welcome addition. Anyone familiar with Monopoly will recognise and be blown away by the bonus board. This game has all the elements of an absolute hit! Remember as well as our live casino games, we also have a huge range of online casino games and slots to play which players can browse at leisure.