Rainbow Riches: Reels Of Gold is played on 100 paylines across 2 separate reels, one is 5x4 and the other is 5x12.


Here you will see how much is being staked on the next spin, by pressing the up arrow above your stake, you will be able to change it.

Pressing the up arrow above your stake will allow you to change the amount you are staking for every 2 lines. Press the up (+) arrow to increase your stake/2 Lines, and press the down (-) arrow to decrease it.

Total Win
Each time you win, the amount that you have won will be shown in the Total Win window.

The Balance counter allows you to see how much you have left to play with in your account.

Left Arrow
Pressing the Left Arrow on the right hand side of the screen will bring up a secondary menu that gives you more options.

I Button
Pressing the I Button will allow you to see any information about the game, including it's paytable.

Big Bet
Pressing the Big Bet symbol will allow you to access the games Big Bet feature, which will be explained below.

When you are ready to start the game, press the Spin button to place your bet.

Pressing the Autoplay button will make the reels automatically start to spin. To stop the Autoplay feature, simply press the Button again.


The Rainbow Riches symbol acts as a Wild during all of your spins. It will substitute for all symbols except the Bonus Balloon symbol. If a full reel of Rainbow Riches symbols lands on the main reels, then it will expand and transfer over to the matching reel on the Colossal reels. The symbols will then all turn into Wilds, which will again substitute for all symbols except the Bonus Balloon symbol.


Super Wild Stacks
A Fairy will randomly appear on the screen and strike the main reels with her wand. At least one reel will then be completely filled with stacked Rainbow Riches symbols, turning them all Wild. The Wilds will then transfer over to the corresponding reels on the Colossal set.

Magic Wilds
The Fairy will again randomly land on the reels and will this time strike both set of reels. Blocks of Wilds will then randomly appear, which will slide up and down their reels. They will then lock into place and try to complete any win lines.

Wild Burst
This time the Fairy will strike the reels and cause butterflies to scatter around the screen and place themselves on random symbols. Any symbols that are covered will then be turned into Wilds for the next spin.


The Magic Symbols Bonus can be triggered randomly, causing the Fairy to appear and strike the reels. This will turn all heart, diamond, club and spade symbols into the Wishing Well symbol. When the reels stop, the Wishing Well symbol will then be turned into one of the following: a mushroom, a harp, a horse shoe, a shamrock or a Wild symbol.


A Fairy can appear on any random spin, and can also award a random multiplier. The Fairy will strike the reels and award a x2, x3 or x5 multiplier to any wins you have on your next spin.


If there are 2 Free Spins Bonus symbols on the reels, then there is a chance that the Fairy will strike the reels and add 2 Bonus symbols onto the reels. This will trigger the Free Spins Bonus.


If you are only a small distance away from a win, then the Fairy may grant your wishes and move the reels up or down to complete a winning line.


Find between 3-6 Bonus Balloon symbols anywhere on the reels and you'll be entered into the Free Spins Bonus. You will have to choose from a number of balloons, and you will be awarded a multiplier to be applied to all wins during your Spins. The amount of picks and your multiplier will both be chosen based on how many Balloon symbols you find on the reels.

6 symbols = x20 multiplier and 4 picks from 6 balloons

5 symbols = x20 multiplier and 3 picks from 5 balloons

4 symbols = x5 multiplier and 2 picks from 4 balloons

3 symbols = x2 multiplier and 1 pick from 3 balloons

The awards for Free Spins during Big Bet games will be different:

6 symbols = x2000 multiplier and 4 picks from 6 balloons

5 symbols = x2000 multiplier and 3 picks from 5 balloons

4 symbols = x500 multiplier and 2 picks from 4 balloons

3 symbols = x200 multiplier and 1 pick from 3 balloons

When you have chosen how many Free Spins you will get, you'll then be given the chance to gamble your Spins to potentially earn even more. Choosing to gamble will show you 5 different dial, each representing a different number of spins. Press a dial and it will start to spin. If the arrow lands in the green, you will win the correct amount of spins. If it lands in the red, you will have no spins and the Bonus will be over.

Free Spins are played on the same sets of reels, with the same amount of paylines. Extra Spins can be triggered by finding at least 3 Bonus symbols. The Fairy will remain on the screen for the duration of the Free Spins and could give you a Bonus at anytime.


Each Big Bet game allows you to place a bigger bet but also gives you a better chance of winning. You can choose to stake between £10 and £25. During all games, any Rainbow Riches symbol than land on the left hand reels will transfer to the colossal reels and cover it's entire reel with Wilds. During the £15 Big Bet game, finding 7 Bonus Balloon symbols across your spins will award between 10 and 50 Free Spins. During the £20 Big Bet Game, finding 6 Bonus Balloon will give you between 15-50 Free Spins. On the biggest £25 Big Bet game, finding 5 Bonus symbols across the spins will give you between 20 and 50 Free Spins.