Play this classic fruit slot game, Reel Gambler brought to Crown Bingo enthusiasts by Realistic Gaming. Look to trigger a variety of delicious, fruity features as you spin three reels.

About Reel Gambler Slot

Reel Gambler is a 3 reel, 5 paylines classic fruit slot game by Realistic Gaming. Begin your game from 20p per spin to £100 per spin and play on all devices.

The symbols used in Reel Gambler are classic, old-school slot game fruit symbols, the likes of lemons, plums, cherries, oranges, grapes, watermelons, bells, bars and the lucky 77. Land the lucky 77 for the most colossal wins possible - these being either the big jackpot or over 60x the current stake.

How to Play Reel Gambler Slot


The balance is visible throughout the duration of the gameplay, this function will help players know exactly what their budgets are while they are playing Reel Gambler slot.


Next, to the balance display window, you will find the bet function, when this button is clicked there is an option for the players to select a bet value, the minimum value is 20p and the maximum is £100. Same as the balance, this value will be visible throughout the game.


Once the bet value has been chosen and Crown Bingo players are happy with it, press the start button to see if the reels whip up some winnings.


When pressing the auto button in the Reel Gambler online slot, Crown Bingo players will be given the option to pick between 10, 25, 50 or 100 automatic spins. There are also options to alter factors such as the ‘maximum loss limit’ during autoplay games. For this variable Crown Bingo highly recommends that the players choose an amount that would allow them to stay way in their budget. The other option is to ‘stop when any win equals or exceeds’, this factor lets the players choose their maximum win amount with the game's maximum being a jackpot. If either of these chosen factors has been reached the auto game will come to a stop.


If at any point during the auto spins the Crown Bingo players decide they want to stop autoplay, all they have to do is press the stop button on the Reel Gambler slot game.


Want to save those fruity winnings? Press the Save button and the winnings will be held in the safe display, ensuring the amount is safe and won't be put up to wager.


Ready to take your winnings for the keep? Crown Bingo players playing the Reel Gambler slot game have the choice to withdraw their winnings by pressing the take button, this will deposit both of the winnings the player has and the saved money into their accounts.

Reel Gambler Slot Special Features

Please note all special features in Reel Gambler slot are triggered by landing 3 ‘Bonus’ symbols on 1 or more of the 5 paylines.

Bonus Round

In the Reel Gambler slot game, if the player has triggered the Bonus Round, they will be instructed to press the start button for their winnings to be made visible, this process will continue until there are no more winnings combinations landed.

Win Series

Multiple wins sound good? Well, that's exactly what Crown Bingo players can expect from the ‘Win Series’ feature as they will be in with the chance to land win after win on this 3 reel slot game. In the end, all of the wins are added together and paid to the lucky ducky who activated the bonus round.


To activate the multiplier feature on the Reel Gambler slot the players will be instructed to press the start button that will lead to them having the chose a multiplier value between 2 and 10, the Jack in this situation is equal to 10. To begin, press the start button and watch the reels spin out a win and the value will be multiplied by the chosen amount and paid.

Please note symbols of Queen, King and Ace are not available in this round.

Red Repeater

In Red Repeater, Crown Bingo players will be shown a random card on the card fan. If it’s a red card, the reels will spin again to an identical win and this will be added to the total winning amount. However, if the card is black this Reel Gambler feature will end and the total win will be paid. This special feature repeats itself a maximum of 9 times!

Full house

Press the start button on Reel Gambler in order to land a full house of the identical random symbol on the reels, Crown Bingo players should note for it to be a full house all symbols are required to be the same.

Black to Black

Similar to the Red Repeater bonus feature in Reel Gambler, Crown Bingo players will be shown a card on the card fan, if it’s a black card the reels will spin leading to a large value. However, if it is a red card the Black to Black feature will end and the current winning amount will be paid.

Stop a Fruit

Stop a Fruit feature in Reel Gambler is a little different to the other special features, as it does not require for there to be a winning combination, in fact, it is the opposite, as to trigger this feature the reels should spin a non-winning combo. By Crown Bingo players pressing the start button, it will stop the random flashing light on a symbol and the reels will spin to a win that holds said symbol.

Gamble Feature

Every win in Reel Gambler holds the chance to be gambled in order to lead to a maximum prize and the stakes in the gamble feature range from x1.5 to x12. Begin by selecting the stake button to gamble the value displayed. Crown Bingo players will be presented with a random card on the card fan and if it is the same as the card the player has in their selection, the winnings will be multiplied by the displayed odds. Opposingly if the card doesn’t match the select the whole winning value will be lost and the game will end.

Crown Claims

Crown Claims that Reel Gambler is an epic classic fruit slot that can be enjoyed by both novices and experienced Crown Bingo players, giving the feel of a real casino with the oranges, lemons and watermelons spinning around on the reels. Your desktop and mobile screen will be taking you right into the heart of an arcade. If Realistic Gaming slots are your thing, we highly recommend you try out Sunset Reels.