Courageous ladies and gents of Crown Bingo, Cayetano brings to you an unusual themed slot game, Reels of Egypt, giving players the chance to land 1000x their stake value with the Space Pyramid bonus feature.

About Reel of Egypt Slot

Crown Bingo players, here we have for you a slot game that is both futuristic and ancient at the same time! Reels of Egypt brings together on its 3 reels and 5 paylines the ancient Egyptian Pyramids and galactic unknown entities. Composed of 3 colossal bonus rounds, players will be in the chance to either multiply their stakes up to 1000 times, enjoy 7 free spins or multiply the wins by 5 times!

How to Play Reel of Egypt Slot

Total Stake

When Crown Bingo players are ready to set their total stake amounts in the Reel of Egypt slot, they will have to press the (+) or (-) buttons so they can either increase or decrease their stake amounts.


Ready for the reels to whip out the possible treasures hidden beneath the Egyptian pyramids? Once the total stakes are set in motion in the Reels of Egypt slot, Crown Bingo players should be in a position to press the spin button to discover what hides behind the reels.


Sick of pressing that spin button every time thou want to see what hides beneath the reels? Then Crown Bingo suggests that players opt for the Reels of Egypt autoplay option, and when players press the auto button, they will be shown a panel with a few options that must be chosen before playing in autoplay mode. These are a number of auto plays, loss limit amounts and single win amounts. During autoplay mode, if either of these factors has been reached the auto mode will end, and if there is a bonus round activated the autoplay will also come to an end and the bonus round will start.

Reel of Egypt Slot Special Features

AD HOC Bonus Reel

When the Ad Hoc Bonus round has been activated in the Reels of Egypt slot there will be a 4th reel thrown into the mix that can enhance wins up to 5 times, or, this can activate the other bonus rounds. When the reels have dropped on the gap it can nudge a win for Crown Bingo players.

Space Pyramids Bonus

When the players of Crown Bingo have activated the Space Pyramids Bonus in the Reels of Egypt, they will come across 3 random multipliers on the 10 pyramids and this will add up to offer the total prize. Players will win the magnificent prize of 1000x if the unique top pyramid is awarded. Players will then have to choose either to COLLECT the offer or they can choose to pick a NEW OFFER in order to try and win a better prize. You can opt for a new offer up to two times.

Free Spins

When the Free Spins bonus has been activated in the Reels of Egypt slot, they will be given 7 free spins! This is not all, as they will also win multipliers of up to 20 times on the Ad Hoc Bonus Reel. When this feature is in play it will not be possible for the Space Pyramids Bonus and another Free Spins bonus to be activated.

Crown Claims

At Crown Bingo we think the Reels of Egypt slot is an enjoyable and unusual slot experience as the visuals of the slot blend together the ancient pyramids and a futuristic ambience. Crown Bingo players will benefit from the bonus rounds available to them in this slot and end up with possible colossal wins! Want more Egyptian slots to battle in? We recommend Cleopatra and Treasures of the Pyramids.