Sausage Party

The party don"t start "til I walk in… Join Frank the boisterous sausage as you make your way through the supermarket on the hunt for cash prizes, multipliers and Free Spins! With 6 bonuses to be triggered, the Sausage Party online slot has it all!




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Max Bet

Bonus: Still Fresh Bonus, The (Not So) Great Beyond Bonus, Gettin Juiced Free Spins, Bread Bashing Free Spins, Bun in the Oven Free Spins, The Even Greater Beyond Bonus, Power Play

About Sausage Party Online Slot

Gather round the screen, royal players of the Crown Bingo realm, as we uncover yet another phenomenal film inspired online casino slot! As our players slowly lower their bingo dabbers and take a break from our array of bingo UK games and turn their attention to the catalogue of slots, they should notice this isn’t the first movie themed slot game at Crown Bingo. With smash hits like the Dumb and Dumber and Top Cat slot already at your disposal, the Sausage Party slot joins a long list of fantastic TV inspired slots that have proven to be great hits with our players. A simplistic 5 reel slot with 20 paylines, Sausage Party online slot encompasses a gargantuan 6 bonus features, 3 Free Spins rounds, huge multipliers and even some instant cash prizes. With such a plethora of fantastic features at the tip of your fingers, there is no doubt in our minds that Sausage Party slot online will be a mega hit among our royal players!

How to Play Sausage Party Slot

Set your Stake

Starting from as little as 10p and reaching up to £100 per bet, players must select the note icon in the top left corner of the screen before setting the reels off.

Spin the Reels

When you’re content with your stake, hit the green spin icon to the right to set the reels in motion.


To allow the game to spin for you, press the austopin button below the green spin icon and select from 10 to 100 spins. Players can also create a win/loss limit which will halt the reels once that amount is breached.

Sausage Party Slot: Bonus Features

Still Fresh Bonus

Taken to a shelf packed with sausages, players must select one to ‘survive’ the round as one pack is removed and dumped in the bin. As the number of sausages decrease, the chances of surviving follow suit. For each round you survive, a cash prize is accumulated and rewarded at the end of the bonus round.

The (Not So) Great Beyond Bonus

Select an item of food to uncover an array of bonuses that range from a cash prize, a double win which will double your cash prize, or simply collect the accumulated cash prize. There’s also a ‘Barry’ option which cuts to a scene of the character falling out the window where an additional bonus can be awarded.

Free Spins

Sausage Party slot doesn’t just have one basic Free Spins round, it has 3 complex ones! The first is the Gettin’ Juiced Free Spins round which will give players a number of Free Spins at the beginning with 4 new symbols being added to the possible outcomes of the round. One of which is the Super Douche symbol which can take the value of surrounding symbols and add them to your bonus cash prize at the end of the round. Once the round comes to a close, the symbol will appear on reels 1-4 where the 5th reel is left blank. The 5th reel will then spin alone and if another Super Douche symbol lands, the total bonus of the round is paid out once again.

The second round is the Bread Bashing Free Spins which can reward more than just a few free spins! Land the Bagel and Lavash symbol on the same reel at the same time to turn the rest of the symbols on the reel into Wilds. When the round is over, players are prompted to different jars of hummus where they must pick one which can result in either ‘Collect’ which gives players their accumulated prize, or ‘Barry’ which will show the character falling out a window and can trigger another bonus feature.

The final round is the Bun in the Oven Free Spins which will give players an initial amount of free spins and activate the Frank Wild and Brenda Bun Wild. If both symbols land on the same reel, a Fr-enda Wild is created which multiplies Wilds by x2. At the end, players must ‘pick an item’ which can either be a ‘Collect’, a retrigger of the Free Spins or take players to the Even Greater Beyond bonus round.

The Even Greater Beyond Bonus

Triggered in a multitude of ways such as collecting 5 bonus symbols, pressing gamble or reaching The Even Greater Beyond Aisle in the Wild in the Aisles Bonus round, this bonus round can grant players a number of potential bonuses.

Power Play

This feature can be activated during the base game once a winning combination has been struck. Players can select the bottle icon to the left which will then activate the Power Play round. Once activated, if you land a win that is valued at 5x your bet, players will be directed to the Power Play Wheel which can award additional bonuses. If players do activate the Power Play round, this will cost them 1x your initial bet.

Crown Bingo’s Final Verdict

With such an array of bonuses, simplistic graphics and an easy to follow layout, Sausage Party online slot holds all the necessary features that equate to a smash hit slot game. For more movie inspired slots, be sure to check out the mischievous Ted slot or the lavish cat that is Puss n Boots slot.