Avoid jail and get around the board as many times as you can in Slingo Monopoly. With cash prizes, bonus rounds and free spins, the iconic board game spinoff has all the qualities to be a massive Slingo game hit!

About Slingo Monopoly

The iconic board game has made its way to Crown Bingo in the form of a fantastic Slingo game spinoff to be added to our phenomenal Slingo casino. As many of our royal players enjoy our selection of casino slots and the array of online bingo games, we felt it was only right to offer players a hybrid game of the two. Slingo Monopoly possesses an abundance of fantastic qualities that sets it apart from other Slingo games in our catalogue such as Slingo Centurion. With so many commonalities to the original board game, Slingo Monopoly arguably provides players with the same lively experience as the indigenous game does. Played across a 5 x 5 grid, the Slingo game allows players to potentially win cash prizes, bonus rounds and even free spins.

How to Play Slingo Monopoly

What makes Slingo Monopoly so brilliant is the constant remembrance of the original board game and it’s evident from the get-go. Firstly players must select their playing piece and to do so, press ‘Choose Profile’. Once you’ve decided on your moving piece, players must set their stake. When you’re content, press ‘Start Rolls’ on the right-hand side of the screen to set the game into motion. When you roll the dice, the colour of the property you land on corresponds with those in the grid and this is how you mark off the cards to create a Slingo. Line up any of the cards in the 5 x 5 grid horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make a Slingo.

Slingo Monopoly: Bonus Features

Hot Property

Throughout the grid there are 25 property cards with an extra property acting as the bonus, taking it to 26. Land on the bonus property and players shall be rewarded an instant cash prize.


Like most Slingo games, the use of the Joker symbol remains present in Slingo Monopoly. If you land on the Joker, a card from each property is selected and shuffled. Choose one of the cards and advance to that position.

Take a Chance on Me

Like the original, Slingo Monopoly has the Take a Chance on Me bonus feature that could potentially unlock a number of prizes if you land on it. They are as follows:

- Cash Prize - Get Out of Jail Free - Advance to another position on the board

Pass Go!

Similar to the original board game, pass ‘GO’ to add cash to your bank and collect the accumulated amount at the end of the round.

Slin-Go to Jail

Another bonus feature that pays homage to the original game, players can be sent to jail if they land on the square. To be released, you either have to roll a double or wait 3 turns to be released, however, if you have the ‘Get Out of Jail’ free card, you can skip bail automatically.

Extra Rolls

At the end of the game, you’ll have the chance to purchase extra spins depending on the playing counter you chose at the beginning of the game.

Royal Commentary: Our Verdict

With such an array of fantastic features and some truly engaging graphics, Slingo Monopoly possesses all the necessary qualities for what equates to a popular Slingo game. If you’re looking for other Slingo games to play, look no further. Check out Deal or No Deal Slingo or the Irish themed Slingo Rainbow Riches.