Set in South Asia the charming Snake, Rattle and Roll slot could see you score a winning combination. There’s plenty of different bonus features available including the Snake Charmer, and the main jackpot prize. The reels could also be showered with additional wilds and free spins.

About Snake, Rattle and Roll Slot

Snake, Rattle and Roll slot is an online casino game developed by Novomatic Gaming. This is played on 5x3 reels with 20 paylines. There’s several bonus rounds such as the Snake Charmer and Free Spins. Set on an Indian backdrop the interface is clean with quality gameplay.

How To Play Snake, Rattle and Roll Slot


The ‘Autoplay’ function can be used when you would like to play a certain number of spins without manually tapping the ‘Start’ button. You can set a number of spins and a loss limit.


Browse winning combinations, symbol values and game rules in the Paytable.


Use the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or decrease your stake accordingly. Your stake will appear in the bet window.


The ‘Gamble’ button will become available when you land a winning combination. If you would like to enter the gamble round then just hit the button.


When a winning combination is landed on the reels you can hit collect instead of going to the gamble round.


When you are ready to play Snake, Rattle and Roll slot you must tap the ‘Start’ button to set the reels in motion.

Snake, Rattle and Roll Bonus Features

Snake Charmer Bonus

This bonus round can be triggered during any standard spin. The snake charmer will pop up on the reels and play his flute, while this is happening sliding wilds will be added to the reels. The reels will expand in either direction. This will continue to happen until he stops playing his flute. Wins will then be paid and funded.

Snakes & Ladders Bonus

Land 3 or more dice symbols on the reels and the Snakes and Ladders Bonus will be triggered. The more dice symbols that are landed in the first place the more rolls of the dice you will be awarded. For example, landing 3 dice will award you 3 rolls. You must move along the board to collect Free Spins and Sliding Wilds before entering the Free Spins bonus. You can also collect additional cash prizes and further features just like playing the original board game. You can also move up when landing on a ladder and down when landing on a snake. The bonus will then end when you have used all of your rolls.

Free Spins Bonus

Before you begin the Free Spins bonus you must firstly pick the number of paylines you wish to use.

Yellow = 20
Blue = 40
Red = 50

Once you have picked the feature will start. You will be awarded all wilds collected from the Snakes and Ladders bonus. You can also claim additional Free Spins if you get through the Basket Trail. When baskets appear on the 5th reel you will be awarded them. Land this 5 times and you will then get the option to pick a basket, which will hold a certain number of Free Spins.

Crown Bingo Review

Here at Crown Bingo we love board games that have been adapted to slots. The Snakes and Ladders Bonus is a take on the classic board game. If you enjoy classic board game themed slots then why not try Snakes and Ladders slot.