The Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot Game is shining with opportunity to win big prizes! Simply spin the reels to get started. Our diamonds and gems could brighten your world.

How To Play Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot

Before you play Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot Game always ensure you have your desired bet value selected before you spin your reels! Just like our diamonds and Gems, all winning lines you get will be highlighted and all winnings will be credited to your account balance!



Make sure your bet value is selected before starting! Once you’re happy, click the ‘Spin’ button to begin.

Total Bet

Before beginning any Online Slot game, you need to always make sure you’ve adjusted your desired bet value! It’s simple, just click the minus ‘-’ button to decrease or the plus ‘+’ button to increase your total bet value you wish to play with! Once you’re satisfied, click the ‘Spin’ button!

Auto Play

By clicking the ‘Auto Play’ button this will automatically spin your reels without a click of a button!

Reel Wins

All line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line, all wins are across all the different lines are added together to form an overall total win. Make sure all line pay symbols have appeared on a played line and are on consecutive lines beginning with the far left reel. Only the highest line win is paid on each line. Also, all scatter wins are added to any line wins.

Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols have been played within this game to create a volatile gaming experience, which is designed to achieve a much higher stake! Have you got 2 symbols stacked together on a reel? Lucky you, you’ll have more of a chance to win MORE money!

Jackpot King Progressive

The Progressive Jackpot can be won during any spin. you’ve got 5 gold crowns during a spin? Super! You’ll be awarded with the progressive jackpot!

Jackpot King is a feature found in this game and in many other Blueprint games. It is a multi-stage game that gives you the opportunity to play for the progressive jackpot. To see our full collection of Slots with Jackpots head over to our Jackpots page. If you're not sure what to play next then try Deal or No Deal Megaways or Gold Frenzy.

How does this Jackpot get this big? Well, 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund , which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that is the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.