Super Sic Bo is a Live Casino game that is a simplistic dice game that has offered the chance of random multipliers up to 1000 times the stake! This live game will have players betting on the outcome of the shake of the three dice.

About Super Sic Bo Live Casino

Super Sic Bo is a Live Casino Game brought the world of Crown Bingo and is based on chance with three regular dice that have the face values of 1 to 6. The aim of the Sic Bo game is to select one or more of the combinations on the betting table that could be the outcome of the shake of all three dice. With Super Sic Bo this is enhanced more with the chance to land random multipliers that are able to be applied to many of the bet spots in each game round.

How to Play Super Sic Bo Live Casino

Different Bet Types and Pays

Bet Name Bet Type
Small/Big Bets to be placed on a total of three dice. Small = (4-10) or Big = (11-17)
Total Place bets on any 14 betting areas that are 4-17. Total = total of three dice (3 and 18 not included), the way to win this bet is by the total number of the three dice adding up and being the number the bet was placed on.
Single Bets placed on any of the six betting areas marked as ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX - imitating the six face values of a dice. Winning possibilities here are 1 of 3 dice, 2 of 3 dice and all of the dice to show the number bet on. The more dice that show the number, the higher the payout.
Double Bets placed on any of the six Double-marked betting areas. In order to land a win, at least two of the dice must show identical numbers.
Triple Bets placed on any of the six Triple-marked betting areas. In order to land a win, all three of the dice must be the same as the chosen number.
Any Triple Bets placed on the box to cover all six different bets in a single round. In order to win all three dice must be identical.
Combination Bets placed on any or all 15 possible two diced amalgamations.


Bet Pays
Small/Big 1:1
Odd/Even 1:1
4 or 17 50-499:1
5 or 16 20-249:1
6 or 15 15-87:1
7 or 14 12-29:1
8 or 13 8-24:1
9 or 12 6-49:1
10 or 11 6-24:1
Single 1:1
Single: Double 2-19:1
Single: Triple 3-87:1
Double 8-87:1
Triple (specific) 150-999:1
Any Triple 30-87:1
Combination 5-24:1

Super Sic Bo Live Casino Special Features

Random Multipliers

After the betting time has come to an end, between 0 and other bet spots will randomly be chosen to have multipliers that range up to 1000x the stake as the dice is being shaken. When this takes place, the camera will automatically switch focus to the shaker for a clear view of the dice roll and the result. When the dice stops shaking and the combination has been revealed, players will be able to see if where they placed a bet is a winner - they will also be able to see if their bets were part of the random multiplier. If so, their winnings will be multiplied as need be!


In the Super Sic Bo live casino game it is possible that players will be able to see the recent dice combinations. This is the total of three dice - this can be either Big or Small or even if the result was a Triple.

Royal Review: Super Sic Bo

Sic Bo is popular game which you'll find in land-based casinos all around the world, however began in Asia. It's a game of chance meaning every player stands an equal chance whether it their first time at the table, or their 100th. It's a game that often has you hanging from the edge of your seat. In Super Sic Bo you'll be transported live to the real casino with amazing aesthetics and a professional dealer.

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