Work your way around the map and search for potential buried treasure and bonus rounds in The Goonies slot game! With 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines, The Goonies make a welcome comeback in this online casino game based around the cult Steven Spielberg classic. Spin the reels as you meet Sloth, Data, Chunk, Mikey, Mouth and more.

About The Goonies Slot

Hey you guys! Here at Crown Bingo we know that all our online bingo players enjoying playing our slots which have an air of nostalgia about them , so what's better than a game based on a cult classic from the 1980s. So join The Goonies gang as you spin the reels of this energetic slot that includes bonus rounds, special features and the characters from the original movie.

With 6 bonus features on offer such as Fratelli’s Hideout which could potentially award multiple Cash Adds, the One Eyed Willy’s Treasure where gems are multipliers, and that’s just to name a few. There's also a large collection of modifiers at the ready to trigger which could contribute to your chances of winning

How to Play The Goonies Slot


In the Goonies slot game, press the arrow keys to increase or decrease your desired Bet amount.


Before you begin the Goonies slot game, make sure your Bet is selected and once you’re happy with the amount, press the Spin button to start.


You can press the Autoplay button in the Goonies slot game to spin your reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish.


If you need more info, have no fear, help is here! Simply press the Menu button in the Goonies slot game to view the game’s paytable and further information about the game.

The Goonies Slot Bonus Features

One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Rounds

By landing 3 or more Bonus symbols in the Goonies slot game, you will trigger the One Eyed Willy’s Bonus. Once triggered, you will be presented with a ship’s steering wheel which you must spin to reveal one of the six bonus features available. When a bonus feature has been revealed, you get the option to either Collect and play the bonus feature given or Gamble for a different bonus round. The choice is yours!

Fratelli’s Hideout

Find the Fratelli’s Hideout in The Goonies Slot and you will be given a selection of 3 keys and you must choose one of them to receive either a Cash Add, Collect or the Hidden Tunnel. If you land on the Cash Add it will award you a cash prize, if you land on Collect the round will come to an end and if you land on Hidden Tunnel, you could be in luck.

Skeleton Organ Bonus

Once the Skeleton Organ Bonus is triggered, you will be shown a selection of bones to pick from at random to reveal a prize. Finding the pirate skeleton will result in your wins or features being upgraded. Also, if you find a Skeleton Bonus, the doorway will be unlocked, which could potentially help to increase your winnings. This Bonus will come to an end once you find 3 pirate skeleton flag symbols.

Super Sloth Free Spins

Once Super Sloth Free Spins is triggered in The Goonies Slot you will be awarded 10 free spins. As your reels spin automatically, make sure you keep a lookout for Sloth as if he runs across your screen he will turn a number of symbols into Super Stacked Symbols, which are the highest paying symbols within the game.

The Goonies Go Wild Free Spins

Within The Goonies Go Wild Free Spins feature, The Goonies gang are a Wild symbol which can contribute to increase your winnings. Once the spins have been used, you will be given 5 coins to choose from. Additional free spins may be awarded to you which will continue this feature however, if you find Collect, this feature will come to an end.

Inferno Free Spins

Up to 3 Inferno Wild Reels can be active in any spin within this feature. During Inferno Free Spins, a ship will sail across the background and create entire reels of Inferno Wilds as one large block as it moves along which can help to increase your winnings.

One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure

The One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure is the last of the bonus rounds in The Goonies Slot. Once this bonus is triggered, you will be taken to a screen that has weighing scales which can tip from either side. You must spin the wheel of gems and they will automatically come to a stop to reveal a multiplier. If you find a Green Gem symbol you will receive a cash multiplier, whereas a Red Gem symbol will multiply your current bonus win. Also, a Silver Diamond symbol will upgrade you to increase any cash or win multipliers and finding the booby trap will end the feature.

One Eyed Willy’s Riches Modifiers

In The Goonies slot game, there are a number of modifiers which can be found on any spin. You will know this modifier has been activated when the Skeleton Key lights up and gives off a green glow. Then, you must select between 3 keys to be given a mystery modifier.

Mikey’s Hidden Treasure

Don’t look up as rocks will fall from above in The Goonies slot game and force Wilds with the character Mikey on them to cover entire selected reels, which can help to increase your winnings.

Mouth’s Lucky Coins

In the Goonies Slot Lucky Coins will be thrown onto the reels and transform into identical symbols to potentially create new winning combinations.

Sloth’s Win Spin

Sloth’s back at it again as in The Goonies slot game, he will run across the reels several times and turn random symbols into Super Stacked Symbols, increasing your chances of scoring a potential win.

Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle

Feast your eyes on Chunk as he does the Truffle Shuffle from side to side across the reels, throwing Wilds into the game in scattered areas. This will in turn potentially increase your chances of winning.

One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost

In The Goonies slot game, One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost adds reel-covering One-Eyed Willy symbols onto the reels and triggers the bonus round. Once triggered, you will be presented with the Bonus Wheel that you must spin to uncover one of the six bonus features.

Data Colossal Symbols

Stay alert in The Goonies slot game as larger Colossal symbols are added to the game which have the power to span across a number of reels. But there’s more where that came from as the boxing glove on a spring will then punch the Colossal symbols to create identical symbols, creating potential winning combinations.

Crown’s Verdict

Here at Crown Bingo, we think that The Goonies slot game really does The Goonies film justice due to the high-quality graphics and themed bonus features and modifiers. When it comes to the features and modifiers, there is a large collection of each of them which is why we think this slot game has plenty of potential. If you like the sound of The Goonies slot game, then you’re in luck as it's available to play on desktop, tablet or mobile, making it easily accessible to all players! If you like this game, why not check out our jackpot slots and spin the reel of The Goonies Jackpot King or head over to your instant win page where you can play scratchcards online.