Red Tiger presents a Viking battle in Thor’s Lightning, get your armour (devices) at the ready as you strike through central locked tiles resulting in Winning Clusters and seize Valhalla or Muspell’s Free Spins during this 7x7 drop reel online slot Nordic spectacle. Start your battle in Thor’s Lightning from 20p to £40 per spin, the real question is will you be playing on your mobile, desktop or tablet?

About Thor’s Lightning

Red Tiger is here to take you on an unforgettable, frozen Viking experience with this 7x7 online drop reel slot. Strikethrough Thor’s Lightning on any device of your choice and start the skirmish from 20p to £40 per spin.

Top tip 1: Winning Clusters - comes to play when symbols of the corresponding type take over vertically or horizontally conjoining together. Cluster 5 or more together and the win is all yours!

Top tip 2: Two Free Spins Themes - the centre of the slot holds 9 inactive tiles, once you join together winning cluster, they will be revealed. Strike through all 8 outer tiles in 1 Chain Reaction to reveal Reaction to unleash VALHALLA FREE SPINS or MUSPELL FREE SPINS!

How to play Thor’s Lightning slot


This function will keep you aware of the balance you have throughout your battle in Thor’s Lightning.

Total Stake

If you press this button, there will be a drop down option available to you that will allow you to choose the amount you can wager.


If the battle has you too worn out, selecting the auto option will give you the choice to pick your ‘Total Spins’ and ‘Loss Limits’. Once you have chosen these, sit back and watch the battle from the comfort of your device.


Want to watch the reels drop as fast as lightning? Selecting the turbo option will make this available to you!

Spin Button

Once you have adjusted all factors of this online slot and you are happy with them, pressing spin will have your potential winnings drop.

Thor’s Lightning Special Features


Can you guess who the activator is for all the features? Of course, it is the king of the galaxies, Thor himself! When you see Thor drop on the reel, you will know a special feature is about to be activated.


Watch Thor appear and summon Lightning - this can abolish all low-paying symbols or convert random symbols in new ones of the identical type or into WILDS.


We all know the Hammer holds the real power. Watch Thor drop and wham his Hammer causing potential abolishment of a random number of 2x2 symbols, replacing them with high-paying symbols or reorganise random rows/reels in order for a WIN!

Unlocking Free Spins

In Thor’s Lightning online drop reel slot there are 9 inactive tiles placed in the centre, by joining together matching winning cluster these 9 will be revealed to you. Strike all 8 outer tiles in a single Chain Reaction to reveal the following:

Valhallah Free Spins

Thor will abolish all tiles and Golden Shields will take place of them on the drop reel slot, this will end when the FREE SPINS end.

Golden Shields that drop will be locked until the finishing of the Free Spins when this comes to a holt each shield will reveal a random Stake Multiplier.

Muspell Free Spins

Thor will abolish all Low-Paying symbols; all that will be left is High-Paying symbols to drop onto the slot until the end of the FREE SPINS. This special feature can only be activated by Lava Flow and/or Lava Shower.

Lava Shower

This will become apparent at random during Muspell Spins and abolish 1 or more type of symbols for a free respin.

Lava Flow

Kindles matching symbols on reels next to each other.

Crown Claims

Get ready for Crowns conclusion on this online drop reel slot. Preparing for a battle with Thor’s Lightning has been a hectic, yet strikingly thrilling experience for us at Crown Bingo. We simply cannot get enough of the amazing graphics and the action that follows has us in awe! The features of this online slot are totally our fav thing about it and actually landing the Muspell Free Spins makes it all worth it! If you’re like us and love a Viking/battle themed slot, we recommend you also play Vikings of Fortune or Vikings go to Hell.