Want to get your poker fix without visiting a live casino, then pull up a chair to our newest Three Card Poker table. Players can choose from an Ante bet or Pair Plus where you can take on the dealer or see if your cards match one of the five available winning combinations.

About Three Card Poker

At Crown Bingo we know that online bingo is the favourite of your royal subject, but we’ve got a brand new offering in Three Card Poker which will be a welcome addition to our table games. Brought to players by IGT, Three Card Poker provides players with a simpler alternative to an online casino where players wager a specific stake as they attempt to beat the dealer or match five winning combinations available in the game.

How to play Three Card Poker

Ante Bet or Pair Plus Bets

Players can choose to wager on the Ante Bet, Pair Plus option or both. If you choose to wager on both, you will need to place a bet on both before your hand is dealt.

If a player chooses to go for the Ante Bet option, you will have the chance to play or fold. If you select to play a hand, your stake will be doubled, or if you choose to fold, you will lose the amount you've already put on the table.

The other option is a Pair Plus bet. Whether this bet wins or loses is not impacted by the dealer's hand. A bet is won or lost if the player does not hold a pair or better and a winning hand is paid out even if the player decides to fold.

Three Card Poker Winning Combinations

There are five winning combinations that players can win their hands within Three Card Poker:

Straight Flush - three cards in a sequence which come from the same suit

Three of a kind - three cards that are exactly the same number

Straight - three cards in a sequence (this is not suit dependent)

Flush - three cards of the same suit

Pair - two cards of the same number

Three Card Poker Ante bet winning hands

If players choose to take on the dealer with an Ante bet, there are four possible scenarios which they will face. Three of them result in the players either winning or drawing with the dealer. The other will result in a loss.

WIN - If the dealer does not have a Queen high or better, the Ante bet is paid even money and the Play bet is returned.

WIN - If the dealer has a Queen high or better and the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s, the Ante Bet and Play bet are paid even money.

DRAW - If the dealer has a Queen high or better and the player’s hand is equal to the dealer’s hand, the Ante and Play bets are returned.

LOSS - If the dealer has a Queen high or better and the player’s hand is lower than the dealer’s hand, the Ante and Play bets are lost.

Pair Plus winning hands

If a player chooses to wager only on the Pair Plus bet, they will not face the dealer and whether they win or lose will come down to the hand they have been dealt. This bet will be instantly lost if the player does not have a matching pair.

The winning hands available on this bet are:

Straight Flush - 40/1

Three of a Kind - 30/1

Straight - 6/1

Flush - 3/1

Pair 1/1

Crown Bingo Royal Review

We’re always happy to welcome new additions to the Crown Bingo table game, and Three Card Poker provides our players with a simple introduction to a game which is very popular in a live casino setting. But don’t forget we’ve also got a full range of online bingo games for you to play or if you prefer spinning the reels on one of our slots, why not give Rainbow Riches Megaways a whirl?