Redbeard the Miner needs your help as he hunts for gems in the deep, dark mines. Smash the reels in search of some exclusive prizes, and the dragon may just award some fiery bonuses too! Treasure Mine mobile slot hosts an array of quirky and interactive bonus rounds that’ll increase the fun and potentially your winnings.

Treasure Mine - Buttons

Total Stake

Not so fast! Before you begin Treasure Mine online slot game, you must adjust the total stake. Simply click the plus (+) button to increase and click the minus (-) button to decrease your desired amount you wish to play with.


Watch your reels shine in Treasure Mine online slot! Once your total stake is selected, you can press the ‘Spin’ button to begin!


Forget manual and think Auto in Treasure Mine online slot game! By pressing the ‘Auto’ button, this will allow you to spin your reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish.

Treasure Mine Bonus Features

Treasure Run

LOOK OUT! In Treasure Mine online slot, if you get 3 or more bonus symbols, this will trigger Treasure Run. During Treasure Run, you’ll be discovering the mines to find that beloved treasure.

Redbeard Wild

Redbeard the Miner is certainly not holding back when it comes to his treasure in Treasure Mine online slot game! When the Redbeard Wild and the Treasure Strike Wild land on the reels on the same spin, Redbeard leaps on the treasure and collects as much as he can. Will you take home some epic wins!?

Treasure Strike Wild

In Treasure Mine online slot, when the Treasure Strike Wild and the Dragon Wild land on the reels on the same spin, the dragon breathes fire on the treasure and multiplies it.

Dragon Wild

Watch the action unfold in Treasure Mine online slot as the Dragon Wild and the Redbeard Wild land on the reels on the same spin. Once this occurs, Redbeard gets scorched by the dragon, leaving a trail of Wilds as he escapes.