Fill up the tank and hit the road in Wheel Of Fortune On Tour! Level Up as you play to unlock bonuses and increase your chances of winning.

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Slot Game

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour is a 5x3 reel slot with 30 paylines.


Coin Value

The Coin Value shows how much each of the 50 coins that are being played will be worth.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window will show you the total amount that will be staked on the next spin.


The Spin button will begin the next game round and place your bet.


After any winning spin, the total amount you have won will be shown in the Win window


The Balance window shows you the total amount you have remaining in your account.


The Autoplay button allows you to select a number of rounds for the game to automatically play for.


To change any of the games settings to suit you, press the Settings button.

Wheelmobile Wilds

The Wheelmobile Wilds feature can trigger randomly during any spin. 4 random symbols will be selected, and will all be turned into Wilds, which can help to complete winning lines.

On Tour Bonus Wheel

When the On Tour Bonus Wheel feature begins, you will get to spin the Bonus Wheel. You will win cash prizes, or as you level up, you'll unlock more wedges that can trigger Bonus rounds.

Level Up Feature

The Level Up feature in Wheel Of Fortune On Tour rewards you for playing. Everytime you play, you will earn experience points and levels, which will be saved for the next time you play. As you Level up, you'll also unlock a number of features. These features will include additional Bonus rounds placed on the On Tour Bonus Wheel, and also permamently increase your chances of winning big.

Level 1

As soon as you start the game for your first time, you will begin at Level 1. There are no features available at Level 1, and your chances of winning are lower than the other levels.

Level 2

Upon reaching Level 2, you will unlock the Free Play Free Spins Bonus. The feature will include 3 Free Spins, that will randomly choose a symbol to replace with a Wild symbol. Each spin will transform a new symbol until 3 symbols are Wild on the final spin.

Level 3

Level 3 rewards you with a Expanded Top Award. When you spin the Bonus Wheel, the Expanded Top Award triples the chance of getting the biggest prize on the wheel.

Level 4

By reaching Level 4, you will unlock the Letter Board Picker Bonus. In this feature, you will have to choose a tile which will reveal a coin win, a coin win and an extra pick, or a multiplier with an extra pick. There are 500 credits, 7 pick and a 5x multiplier available to win.

Level 5

The Multiplier Wedge will be unlocked when you reach Level 5. If you land on the Multiplier Wedge on the Cash Bonus Wheel, then a value between 2x-5x will be applied to an additional spin of the wheel.

Level 6

Unlock the Spin to Win Bonus when you reach Level 6. Begin the feature by picking the top award from 5 letters. Spin the wheel, and then choose or reject the result. If you reject the value, them that wedge on the wheel will be replaced with a 50 wedge. Landing on the 50 wedge will award the player with the 50 and end the game.

Level 7

By reaching the final level, Level 7, then you will be awarded the Bonus Trigger boost. This will increase your chances of triggering the On Tour Bonus Wheel during the Base Game, so the chances of playing on all your unlocked features are increased.