Win Sprint is a three reel, five win line slot with a ‘Win Sprint’ bonus feature. Wins have the potential to be paid on any of the five win lines by achieving three-of-a-kind matching symbols.

Win Sprint uses a 3x3 reel slot interface, with 5 individual paylines.

Win Sprint slot buttons


Open up the Menu to view the Paytable, as well as change your bet for the next round.


Press Spin to place your bet and start the next spin.


The Autoplay feature lets you choose a number of rounds for the game to automatically play for.

Win Sprint slot bonus features


The Win Sprint bonus round is awarded when W + I + N appears on any win line. Each line of W + I + N awards +1 win spin and +1 multiplier. For example, if 4 lines are won, the player is awarded 4 win spins with a x4 multiplier. Each win spin randomly awards between 1 and 5 lines of any symbol (including W + I + N). Symbol wins are then multiplied by the displayed multiplier and added to the running total. During the Win Sprint bonus round each additional line of W + I + N awards +1 win spin and +1 multiplier. All remaining win spins are subsequently multiplied by the new multiplier value. The bonus round ends when either all win spins have been exhausted or the maximum payout value has been reached. If any win spin causes the maximum payout value to be reached, then any surplus value over the maximum payout is not paid and any remaining win spins are cancelled. When the bonus is complete, a value is displayed over the reels which informs the player how much was awarded in total from the bonus round.