Crown Bingo players, IGT have brought to you a slot worthy of a howl! Wolf Ridge is a 5 reel and 30 payline slot, begin your play for the chance to land up to 250 FREE SPINS from 50p to £100 on either desktop, mobile or tablet!

About Wolf Ridge Slot

Bask in the glow of the Northern Lights in this snow-covered slot. Crown Bingo players, get ready to run with the wolves in Wolf Ridge slot, brought to you by IGT gaming. Players of Crown Bingo can play this slot anywhere they please as it is compatible with desktop, mobile or tablet! Start the games from 50p to £100per spin.

The symbols of Wolf Ridge illuminated by the Northern Lights, come in the form of racoons, mouflons, lynxes and of course, the wondrous wolves, accompanied by 5 gleaming gemstones in different colours.

Top Tip: as expected the wolf symbols are the most precious symbols in the Wolf Ridge slot, with the ability to award Crown Bingo players 10 times the stake for 5 on a payline.

How to Play Wolf Ridge Slot


Crown Bingo players are never to lose their ‘crown’ worrying about their balance, as it is displayed at both the top and bottom of the slot screen throughout the gameplay of Wolf Ridge.


The coins in Wolf Ridge are fixed at 50, this is due to there being a fixed number of 30 paylines and the cost for 30 paylines is 50 coins.

Total Bet

The total bet value of the next spin is situated next to the coins display panel, unlike the coins in Wolf Ridge this is a modifiable amount and Crown Bingo players can either decrease the amount using the (-) or they can increase the amount using the (+) buttons. The minimum value of the total bet is 50p and the maximum value of the total bet is £100.


After Crown Bingo players are satisfied with the chosen bet amounts and are ready to howl with the wolves, press the spin button to get reels going.

Auto Spin

Parading around with a pack of wolves would get anyone tired, and this is where the auto spin function of Wolf Ridge comes into play for Crown Bingo players. The choice of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 auto spins will be given to Crown Bingo players and the amount that is chosen will start spinning with the present coin value and the predetermined 30 paylines of the slot. In the auto mode, Crown Bingo players will be in charge of the loss limit and the single win limit that are deciding factors of when the auto spin mode ends.

Once Crown Bingo players press the start button with the decided variables, the only factors that will influence the reels to stop spinning are: when the auto spins come to an end, there has been a feature triggered, there is no balance left for the spin or the chosen value for the loss or win limit has been reached.

Total Win

Crown Bingo players will always be made aware of their total wins from the previous spin thanks to the total win tab. Once the spin button has been pressed again, the total wins will be added to the balance.

Wolf Ridge Slot Special Features

Prize Disk

Crown Bingo players will be able to play in the Prize Disk feature of the Wolf Ridge slot after it is activated from the Bonus scatter symbols that are displayed on the reels. The scatter symbols will be displayed on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the main game and all every reel during the Free Spins Bonus. Each of the activating Bonus scatter symbols have the ability to reward either a win or free spins that are shown in the Prize Disk position on top of the triggering symbol and on each spin the rewards in the Prize Disk will shift a single reel to the left and show a different award in the Prize Disk position on top of reel 5. If there is a Bonus scatter symbol that is shown on reel 3 and it has the ability to reward a prize, it will multiply the prize by 3. Similarly, if the Bonus scatter symbols are shown on reels 2 or 4 when the Free Spin Bonus is in play the prize will be multiplied by 2.

The Prize Disk value are not always the same, the change depending on whether or not it is the Free Spins Bonus or the main game.

Prize Disk value in main game = 2x to 70 x total bet in main game.
Prize Disk value in Free Spin Bonus = 2x to 150x total bet in Free Spin Bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

In order to activate the Free Spins Bonus, Crown Bingo players are required to land 1 or more Free Spins symbols from the Prize Disk feature and then the players will be playing Wolf Ridge in the Free Spins Bonus mode. Each activating Free Spins symbol has the capacity to award 10 FREE SPINS! The reels in the Free Spins Bonus hold a greater value than the reels of the main game with the possibility for there to added Bonus symbols on the reels. The Free Spins Bonus can be reactivated when there is 1 or more Extra Spins symbols that are awarded from the Prize Disk feature and every activating Extra Spins symbol has the ability to award extra 2 free spins.

Key points of the Free Spins Bonus for Crown Bingo players to be aware of:

There are up to 250 FREE SPINS available! This is feature has no limit to how many times it can be activated.

Reels in play during the Free Spins Bonus are different to the reels in play during the main game.

Free spins are played out at the same bet value and 30 paylines as the spin that activated the feature.

Crown Claims

Crown Bingo claims that the Wolf Ridge slot is a magnitude of fun! From the beaming Northern Lights to the colossal 250 FREE SPINS! What more could we possibly ask for? Well, the Prize Disk feature is the real gem here with the ability to award Crown Bingo players the best of cash rewards. We do not wish to let the pack of wolves go yet and that’s why we’re recommending Wolf Run to our players!