Guide To Online Bingo

Guide to Online Bingo

Updated 03/09/2020


Bingo is a British institution, some might say as important as fish and chips or afternoon tea. Now with the advancement of technology, the ability to play almost anywhere through online bingo sees it fast becoming the most popular version of the game.

For those who are more familiar with online slots & casino games and have never played a round of bingo before, you may want to know what all the fuss is about. Perhaps you're a player who regularly attends bingo halls and you’re looking to play from the comfort of your own home. Either way, here at Crown Bingo, we’ve got you covered in our guide to online bingo.

How Does Online Bingo Work?

If this is your first venture into online bingo, one of the things you’ll be pleased to learn is that it’s quite a simple game to understand. Whether you’re playing online or in bingo halls, the numbers will be called, with you in charge of marking them off your card. The aim is to match as many numbers as possible on one, two or every line of your card. Do this and you'll win a prize.

Steps to Playing Bingo

  1. First Register and deposit the amount you'd like to play with

  2. Choose from our selection of Rooms

  3. Buy your bingo ticket(s)

  4. Choose whether you'll daub your tickets manually or automatically

  5. Wait for the game to begin and numbers to be called

  6. Begin matching the numbers called with the ones on your card

  7. Shout "Bingo!" at the top of your voice when you land a full house

  8. Funds will be automatically added to your cash balance

What is the Best Version of Bingo to Play?

The question of which is the best type of online bingo to play can only be answered by individual players. Each player will have a preference over their favourite bingo games. Below is a table of some of the games on offer at Crown Bingo:

Games to Pick From
90 Ball 90 Ball Bingo is commonly played in the UK. £300,000 in awarded prizes each month.
The Lounge Bingo Room This room hosts 90 ball games with prizes up to £50.
75 Ball 75 Ball Bingo is the version played mostly by Bingo lovers in the U.S.A. Monthly prizes of up to £20k.
80 Ball 80 Ball is a unique offering that sits between both 90 and 75 ball games. Tickets cost 2p and prizes each month total £3000!
Speed Blast Bingo For players with limited time Blast Bingo is the answer. Games last 1 minute with prizes totalling £30,000 each month!
Heavyweight Bingo Room The Heavyweight room opens at 9-pm and offers prizes of up to £850. Land a full house for £500!
Bingo Jackpots Find out which of our games include progressive jackpot prizes.
Bargain Bingo Play for as little as 1p with prizes available of up to £12,000 each month.

Finding the right place to play isn’t the easiest task in the world. The more information you have about playing the game itself and what types of games are on offer should help you make that decision about whether to fire up a game of 90 ball or 75 ball bingo.

Before diving deep into a game why not take a look at Ways to Play Bingo Online For Free at Crown Bingo. In this article, we help you understand bingo promotions and the ways to play for free right here at Crown Bingo.

Why Play Bingo Online?

Gone are the days of venturing out to your local bingo hall. Now you can play with friends and like-minded bingo lovers online. Play on the move, or with your feet up at home. If you're worried about missing the atmosphere of brick and mortar bingo halls don't worry! You can chat along with all the other players and chat moderators about anything that takes your fancy!

One of the biggest advantages of playing online bingo is that many of the things players would normally do within a bingo hall are automated, including marking your cards. Simply listen out for the selection of numbers on your tickets, and when they are called, it will be daubed automatically. Never again will you miss your call.

This works to ensure every player has an equal shot at winning. Otherwise, people with slower network connections would be at a disadvantage which, ultimately, would be a violation of regulations. Should you win on any one game, the computer software will automatically record the win and deposit the winnings into your account.

Play with Friends

Play our Bingo Chat to speak with other bingo lovers and friends. Participate in the bingo chat and you could be randomly selected to win 5 free tickets, up to 15 per day for The Lounge. Don't forget to scrub up on speaking Bingo Lingo before playing.

How To Choose The Right Bingo Casino to Play With

You've finally decided to make the leap from land based to online bingo. The next hurdle is choosing which bingo site to play with. There are endless numbers of bingo sites you could choose to join. Below are some pointers to consider when trying to choose:


With so many bingo sites to choose from it's important to pick one with a good reputation. You'll be playing with real money and you should be confident about your decision to play with any given bingo operator.

All top bingo sites in the UK, such as Crown Bingo, are governed by the UK Gambling Commission to ensure fair gameplay for everyone. Before registering be sure to check the Gambling Commission Website to see if the site you're planning to join has an active license.

A Bingo Community

Part of what makes playing Bingo so fun is the community. People love getting together with friends at local Bingo halls to socialise and play their favourite game. It's often thought that playing online cuts out the social aspect. WRONG! At Crown Bingo you can take part in our Bingo Chat with friends and bingo lovers alike. Talk all things bingo, about your hobbies or anything you fancy (as long as it's appropriate). Chats are moderated by hosts who'll also join in on the banter!

Depositing & Withdrawing

Before you dive into registering check to see what offers are open to new players. Most big bingo sites offer numerous promotions for signing up and depositing etc. At Crown Bingo there's 20 free bingo tickets and the ability to unlock up to £100 cash! Full T&Cs Apply.

It's worth noting the types of payment methods that are accepted. At Crown Bingo you can expect a variety of ways to deposit such as debit card and PayPal. For our full list of options head over to our Payments Guide. It's best to pick a site that provides a convenient way to deposit and withdraw your funds.

The Game & Rules Offered

People from all over the globe play bingo which has lead to a variety of different playstyles and rules. Common games include 75 and 90 Ball Bingo. However, games such as Speed Bingo and 80 Ball Bingo are becoming commonplace.

Decide what type of game you're looking for; do you want 90 ball bingo, progressive jackpot prizes, cheap ticket prices or something else? See what the site offers before registering. For a full list of games offered to head to our Bingo Rooms page.

Choosing Bingo Cards

Do you prefer to daub manually or automatically? Whichever your choice it's worth finding out before you play. Most sites, including Crown Bingo, offer automated daubing meaning you'll never miss a number being called again!

Software & Support

In 2020 most bingo sites offer games on desktop, mobile and tablet. Having the option to pick your playing device is ideal for those that like to play when they've got time. Sitting at home? Play on desktop or mobile. On the bus? Play through mobile.

All of our games at Crown Bingo are available through your web browser on mobile, tablet and desktop. We also have our Casino App available through the Google Play Store.

Need help? Choosing a site with professional customer service is a must. At Crown Bingo our support team are on hand 24/7 should any issues arise. Head over to our Help Centre or click the help button on-screen to speak with someone directly.

Available Promotions at Crown Bingo

Be sure to check out our Bingo and Casino Promotion Bonuses before playing.

Current Available Promotions
Offer Description
Unlock Up to £100 Cash & 20 Bingo Tickets Welcome Package

Full T&Cs Apply

We've created a guide to help with Understanding Casino Bonuses in 2020

Online Bingo Cards and Games

There are a few categories of online bingo which you can play at several sites across the web, but here at Crown Bingo, we have three on offer ranging from traditional 90 Ball, our newest addition in 80 Ball bingo and the more modern 75 Ball. The great thing about playing online is that all are readily available throughout the day so you can decide on which you prefer. Each came runs different events throughout the day which vary in the buy-ins and payouts offered. Some games offer unique pattern matching to spice up gameplay.

If you want to know more about the games we have on offer, head over to our online bingo and slots blog for exclusive in-depth guides to help you get started.

What is 90 Ball Bingo?

The most common and traditional type of bingo game that players are likely to come across, 90 Ball Bingo is played with 90 balls as the name suggests and to win a game of this type, you will need to either match all of the numbers in one line, two lines or all of the numbers visible on your card. Want to know more about the game? Then read our guide on How to Play 90 Ball Bingo.

What is 75 Ball Bingo?

Very similar to the 90 Ball equivalent of the game, 75 Ball Bingo also offers players three chances to win which include one line, pattern and a full house. If this is your first time playing this type of game, why not read our handy guide on How To Play 75 Ball Bingo?

What is 80 Ball Bingo?

Similar to the traditional 90 ball game, 80 ball bingo is a 16 number grid card, split by 4 x 4 columns and rows. The rules of the game are completely parallel with the traditional game, making it a simpler version of the game for our players!

The prize pots are fixed at £5 from 4-7 pm. Outside of those hours prize pots will be seeded at £0.50 increasing as each player stakes.

What is Speed Bingo Blast?

Speed Bingo, also known as Bingo Blast, is the preferred option for players with less time on their hands. Games are short and sweet lasting only one minute. There's up to £30,000 up for grabs each month!

Bingo F.A.Q.

Here we answer common questions asked by you, our royal bingo lovers.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Online Bingo?

Whichever game of online bingo you’re looking to play, you can make the entire experience as expensive or inexpensive as you like. There are various games available, and the ticket prices for them range from as little as 1p for normal games and can range up to a maximum of 25p. If you’re new to the world of online bingo, then we recommend starting with some of the lower-cost games on offer. You can, however, buy multiple tickets for the same game which slightly increases your chance of winning.

What Are the Odds of Winning a Game of Online Bingo?

Every single bingo ticket is equal. Numbers on the tickets and numbers called are randomly generated to give everyone an equal chance of winning. On the other hand, the more bingo cards you have per game, the more likely you are to win.

How Do I Play a Game of Online Bingo?

The process couldn’t be simpler if you’re looking to play your first game of online bingo, and after registering for an account, all players will need to do is follow these few steps:

-Click on the type of bingo you’d like to play and enter the room. Purchase the number of cards you would like and the amount will be deducted from your balance.

-The game will begin, and if any of the numbers called are on your cards, they will be automatically marked off.

-The winner of each round of a bingo game will be the first player to match either a line of numbers, two lines of numbers or a full house.

-Any winnings from the game will be credited to your balance.

If you’re looking for more Online Bingo Insights then we’ve got you covered at Crown Bingo.

How Much can I win Playing Bingo Online?

Generally speaking the more the bingo card costs, the higher the amount you can win. At Crown Bingo there are thousands of pounds worth of prizes available each month. We have several fixed and progressive Jackpot Bingo Prizes to choose from, £850 up for grabs in the Heavyweight Bingo Room and up to £30k in the Bingo Blast Room. Head out our Bingo Rooms page to find out what's on offer in each room.

What is A Progressive Bingo Jackpot?

Progressive Bingo games have a headless prize on offer. A fixed jackpot prize is set and then increases as more players stake until it is finally one.

Are There Any Casino Games That Incorporate Bingo?

Yes! You'll find several casino counterparts which include the bingo theme.

One of the hottest live casino games of 2020 is Live Mega Ball. This lottery / Bingo style game has you choose your bingo cards and numbers before the host begins calling numbers. The aim, like in bingo, is to match as many numbers as possible across as many lines as possible. Match them all for a full-house and huge multiplier.

If you're looking a slot & bingo combination then you may be looking to Play Slingo Games. Originating in the mid-90s Slingo games have continued to grow in popularity to reach the enormous following they have today. Many of the biggest games have dipped their toes into Slingo to create amazing titles such as Slingo Centurion, Deal or No Deal Slingo and Rainbow Riches Slingo. Like Bingo you must match the numbers you're given each round with what's on your 'card'. In true bingo-style, the aim is to match as many lines as possible whilst aiming for a full house. The more lines you earn, the better the bonuses and payouts.

Online Bingo Royal Review

Well, there we have it, Crown Bingo loyal subjects. We hope our guide into the world of online bingo has helped whether you’re a brand new player or you’re an old hand looking to try a new version of the game. Feel like we've missed something you need to know? Our trusted customer support team are on hand 24/7 to help you with any queries you may have. Go to our Help Centre or click the help button on the bottom right of your screen to get started.

Remember, you can also play a variety of games including Jackpot Slots, Online Scratch Cards and Online Slots. If you’d like to branch out further then you could try spinning the reels of Centurion slot, Rainbow Riches, or Fishin' Frenzy Megaways.

Ready to Play?

You should be up to scratch with everything you should consider when deciding to play bingo online. Here's what you'll need to do to get started playing at Crown Bingo:

You Will Need a Crown Bingo Account

Before playing a game of online bingo, you’ll need to open an account with us here at Crown Bingo. Opening an account will give you access to exclusive promotions and offers which can be handy if you’re a new player. So to go ahead and register. Click the register button at the top of the home page. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be able to deposit into your account using one of our secure payment methods. You’ll then be able to purchase tickets as you go.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can pre-buy your tickets for games. This means you’ll be able to be involved even if you won’t be online at the time, as any of the winnings from these games will be credited to your account ready for when you next login.

Remember, we also have a host of daily deals that run across both our 90 ball and 75 ball rooms.

Making a Deposit in Your Account

If you’re comfortable with electronic payments and banking, then making deposits in your account shouldn’t be an issue. As we mentioned above, we have several secure options for making any deposits or withdrawals including Visa debit, and more recently we’ve also become a Paypal Casino. To find out more, head over to our payments page.

Read Our Guides or Begin Playing

Before you start playing, if not done so already, we suggest reading our guides mentioned throughout this article. We teach you to play 90 ball bingo, 75 Ball Bingo and more. When you're finally ready to play just head to our Room selection page to find the right game for you.

Get up to £50 Cash & 10 FREE Bingo Tickets - On Two Deposits

Full T&Cs apply. New players only across two deposits. Cash rewards have 7 days from registration to opt-in from “My Promotions” & each with 7 days wagering. Deposit £10, £25 or £50 & wager 35x. Only cash stakes qualify & wagering contributions vary. Bingo excluded from wagering. 10 free tickets to “The Lounge” bingo room open daily 19-22 UK time. 3 day expiry. Tickets cannot be used for pre-buy.

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