How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

Updated 11th August 2020

Here at Crown Bingo as well as our growing collection of online slots, we have six bingo rooms for our players to visit, and one of the most popular with our online bingo games players is our 75 Ball Bingo room. Popular across the world, this pattern-based bingo game may be a little unfamiliar to some, so we’ve pieced together this handy guide to help our players through their first few games.

What is 75 Ball Bingo All About? Different to the normal games of 90 Ball Bingo we offer, 75 Ball Bingo is played with 75 balls, as the name suggests. The cards, which will be automatically marked for all our players, consist of a 5x5 grid each with 5 columns containing a random generation of numbers between 1 and 75, the set up for which we’ve listed below.

Column Number
Column One 1-15
Column Two 16-30
Column Three 31-45
Column Four 45-60
Column Five 61 - 75

To win a game you’ll need to match a specific amount of numbers within patterns across your card, however, these won’t always be in a vertical or horizontal line, it could be by matching the numbers in the corner of the card. But never fear, if you’re a 75 ball bingo newbie we’ll always let you know if you’ve been a winner in one of our games.

We’ve also got a list of Daily Deals which run alongside all the online bingo games. These include our Pick A Box games, Spin The Wheel and Happy Hour Bingo games, so be sure to regularly check our promotional hour schedule to see what’s coming up next.

Where Can I Play 75 Ball Bingo at Crown Bingo?

Once you’ve registered for an account at Crown Bingo, simply log in, and you’ll be able to get the online bingo ball rolling. You can find our 75 Ball Bingo room listed in the lobby of our site alongside the other games we offer including Speed Bingo. Just click on the room you desire, which in this case is 75 Ball, and you’ll be taken to a list of games which are currently available.

How Do I Purchase My Tickets For 75 Ball Bingo?

Purchase your tickets for 75 Ball Bingo by selecting the ‘Play Now’ button in the 75 Ball Bingo Room listed in the Lobby. You can now buy the number of tickets that you would like for the next game. There will be a timer indicating how long you have to purchase your tickets for the upcoming game, but if you miss the purchasing window, you’ll have the chance to buy tickets for the next available online bingo game.

For a quick ticket selection simply click on the number of tickets you would like to purchase from the options shown or select the MAX button which will automatically select the full amount of available tickets for that game. If the amount of tickets you wish to purchase isn’t a shown option, simply move the slider up or down to adjust the amount of tickets purchased, or press the minus (-) or plus (+) buttons. The total cost of your ticket purchase will be shown underneath.

The tickets shown on the right hand of the screen will highlight when selecting your tickets to indicate the amount you have chosen. Once you’re happy with your selection, click the Buy button. You’ll then see the tickets change to yellow and they will read ‘BOUGHT’ along the side. The pattern will be greyed out so you can see the numbers you need to dab it off.

How Do I Play 75 Ball Bingo Online?

Once you have purchased your tickets, the timer will indicate how long is left until the game begins. During each game, the numbers will be called out so you won’t miss a number! All of the numbers that have been called will also be displayed on the call board.

At Crown Bingo you don’t have to worry about dabbing off your own number, we do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and watch the game unfold. If a number has been called that’s on one of your tickets we’ll also highlight it in red.

Your tickets will also change colour to show how many numbers you are away from winning the 1 line, 2 line or full house prize. Tickets will turn pink if you have 3TG from winning, they’ll then turn purple if you have 2TG and then blue if you have 1TG.

How Do I Win 75 Ball Bingo?

There are 3 chances to win when playing 75 Ball Bingo online, these are one line, the pattern or full house!

Here’s how to win each prize:

One Line - All numbers on any one line must be marked off.

Pattern - All numbers making the predetermined pattern must be marked off.

Full House - All numbers on the ticket must be marked off.

Each time a prize is won, the player(s) will flash up on the screen and stay in view until the game ends.

Royal Verdict

There we have it Crown Bingo loyal subjects, hopefully our guide will have helped clue you up on 75 ball bingo and how you can get started in your first game of online bingo. If you'd like to play your first [Bingo Chat](/chat-games looking like a professional see our Guide to Speaking Bingo Lingo in 2020.

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