Online Bingo Around The World?

Online Bingo Around the World

Written 5th November

Here at Crown Bingo, we know that online bingo is popular across the entire world. In fact, whichever continent you're on, barring Antartica of course, you'll probably find a variation of the well-loved game whether that's traditional 90 ball, 75 ball, or the fast and furious speed bingo.

The history of the modern game we now call bingo actually dates back to the 16th century, so it comes as no surprise to us that there is a myriad of variants available, as virtually every element of the game including numbers, terminology and venue can be changed to suit the needs of the player.

There are many different countries across the planet who’ve adopted their own version of this much-loved game, and Crown Bingo have put together this handy guide, so if you ever end up in these places when you’re off jet-setting, you’ll know exactly when to grab your dabber or fire up your tablet and join in a game of online bingo.


Many of our Crown Bingo regulars will already be familiar with some of the most popular things to come out of Italy, including pizza, pasta and Vespas. But, did you also know it was the Italians who were behind the invention the earliest form of bingo which was modified and adapted into the game we play today.

Originally called Il Gioco del Lotto d'Italia, the first game of bingo dates back five centuries ago to 1530. First played in Florence and Genoa, this game was completely different to modern online bingo, as bettors were asked to guess the five names of Serenissima College. However, in modern times, bingo players across Italy favour the 90 ball version of the game, so whether you're in Milan or Rome, you'll never be short of a chance to play a few games.


We're sticking around the Med as we explore the next country on our list who've also gone loopy about bingo, and that's Spain. All of our Crown Bingo royal subjects will be pleased to know that if you're heading there for your holidays anytime soon, the Spanish are just as mad about bingo as players from the UK.

Since its introduction, online bingo has taken off in Spain and is popular with both men and women alike, something which follows on from the strong tradition that was already set by the land-based game. So if you’re fancying a quick game or two when you’re on your sun lounger, fire up your tablet, you’ll only be keeping with the local tradition.


Before we continue our journey around the world of online bingo, we're making a small pit stop in Germany to find out how they've introduced bingo not only as a method of entertainment but also education.

The German culture first embraced bingo almost 140 years ago, where it was originally called Lottospiel, but now, the game has developed into a variant of the 90 ball style we play in the UK.

But how, I hear you ask, is it used as an educational tool? Well, bingo is used to help with the teaching of maths and spelling, a format which has led to the game becoming a popular hit with all generations.


Many of our online bingo players here at Crown Bingo won't be surprised to learn that bingo is a popular pastime across all of Europe and for the next stop on our trip, we've selected a place where TV bingo is just as popular as the land-based game.

Since 1994, Russian Lotto has been an instant hit on TV screens. Offering players the chance to win prizes for matching a line, full house, and a special jackpot if they match the first 15 numbers, it's very similar to the format of bingo we usually play in the UK. But the one standout difference we've found is that if zero players match the numbers, the jackpot will roll over to the following week.

Although this is a popular alternative, the most common game played in Russia is traditional 90-ball bingo, which even has calls that take inspiration from well-known Russian terms and popular culture. If you’re unsure what we mean, we’ve listed some of our favourites below:

12 - Shakespeare 40 - Ali Baba (and the forty thieves!) 61 - Gagarin (named after the first man in space)
80 - Babushka (russian grandmother)


Unlike many countries you’re likely to visit on your travels where the traditional land-based version of bingo was the first to set down its roots, in Japan, we see a completely different stance due to the country’s gambling laws, with online bingo topping the rankings as the most popular game.

Put simply, land-based bingo as we know it in the UK doesn’t exist in Japan. But the rise in technology which has predominantly stemmed from that corner of the planet has fueled the fire of online bingo within the country, and with one game including over half a million players, a total which set a new world record, we’re under no illusion that the game will continue to grow in popularity.


A popular pastime across all 52 states, bingo has been an instant hit since its introduction back in the roaring ‘20s. The most played variant of the game is the revered 75 ball version, a game we also have right here at Crown Bingo. So if you're curious, then head over to our 75 ball bingo room where you'll have the chance to play and take part in our exclusive promotions.

But, before you head off, let's give you some more details about the game. Standardised back in the 1920s, bingo was very popular until the 1940s, and although it's still widely played today, many games are run by churches and charities due to the strict gambling laws in the country.

That isn't to say commercial bingo doesn't exist, and you'll be able to play in Nevada or on Native American reservations. But the one thing to note is that there is no online bingo played in the US.


So there we are, Crown Bingo loyal subjects, we've made it back to the UK for one final look at just how popular both land-based and online bingo is here on home soil.

The most popular version we've come across here at Crown Bingo is traditional 90 ball bingo which is played across tickets containing the numbers 1-90, and players must match with the numbers called to win either a line, two lines, or a full house.

Unlike 75 ball bingo, this game offers players just three chances to win, and in the earlier rounds, you may only need to match four or five numbers correctly to land a prize.

If you're more of an online bingo fan, handling multiple tickets shouldn’t be an issue as the game will automatically mark off any numbers which are called and feature across your tickets so you’ll never miss a chance to shout “bingo”.

Royal Verdict

Well there you have it, wherever you jet off on your travels, you’ll never be short of an opportunity to play a few rounds of your favourite game, so remember to pack everything you’ll need to potentially win a game. If you’re browsing our blog between games, why not take a look at our collection of online slots where you could blast off into space in Starburst slot? Or take a trip to Egypt and visit the Queen of the Nile in Cleopatra slot.