The Myths of Playing Bingo on The Internet Debunked

Online Bingo has never been such a popular pastime and here at Crown Bingo we know that many of our players like to fire up their laptop, tablet or smartphone and join a game of 90 Ball, 80 Ball or 75 Ball bingo.

For those new to the world of online bingo, especially those more familiar with our vast collection of online slots or casino games to play, there can be many insights and even myths surrounding the game, so we’ve picked out some of the top snippets of info all our players will need to know if they’re looking to join a game.

Online Bingo is Very Sociable

Those who regularly play land-based bingo will be sure to let all players know that the simple act of attending is very sociable and many people have the theory that playing online will remove that. The truth is; it actually doesn’t.

Here at Crown Bingo we have many bingo chat rooms where our players can meet other players from all across the country, play through a few games together and become part of the online bingo community. Playing Just as a side note, all of the rooms we have are monitored by our chat moderators, so you’ll always have a safe playing experience. Chat hosts will also run daily 'chat games' that could see players win tickets to use in our Bargain Bingo Room.

Don't forget to learn how to speak Bingo Lingo to look like a pro in the chat.

Playing Online Bingo is Secure

There are unfounded myths that playing bingo and other casino games online can be unsafe, but if you choose to play through a site like Crown Bingo, then you won’t need to have any fears about your security. As well as our secure methods of making payments, which include debit cards, credit cards and Paypal that allow you to deposit and withdraw with ease, all of our games and chat rooms are monitored.

You Play Online Bingo Against Real People

Every game of online bingo our players take part in at Crown Bingo is against real people. While we do have some automated features in the games which include the marking of cards and letting you know how many numbers you have left to complete a line or full house, you’ll be able to interact with players all throughout the game using the chat function.

Still not convinced? Join in one of our Chat Bingo Rooms and see for yourself. Scrub on your Modern Bingo Lingo Calls for 2020 to prevent yourself looking like a newbie.

Anyone Can Play Online Bingo

It’s time to debunk another statement here that bingo is only played by women of the older generations. The online bingo community is huge and is continuously growing, so much so, that people of all ages and genders enjoy firing up their tablet, PC or smartphone and joining a game. The online bingo community is very diverse, and one thing they share is their love of the game.

If you're new to bingo then our guides on how to play 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo will help teach you the ropes.

Players Can Set Their Own Online Bingo Budget

Whether players are looking to play a game of 90 ball or 75 ball bingo, there will be various games available, and none of them will break the bank in terms of cost. If you’re new to the game, then we recommend starting out with some of the lower-cost games that are on offer.

If you're looking to play whilst mindful of your budget see our Guide to Playing Bingo Online For FREE in 2020 at Crown Bingo.

All Players Have the Same Odds of Winning

Whether our online bingo players choose to buy one ticket or multiple tickets, the truth is that everyone has the same chance of matching the winning numbers which are randomly generated. A common misconception held in the world of bingo is that more cards will mean a player has more opportunity to win the prize pot on offer, so stick to your budget, and you could possibly land yourself one of the big prizes on offer.

Playing With the Same Numbers Won’t Help you Win

Some bingo players, whether they prefer online or land-based, will have an affiliation to a specific set of numbers, and they have some belief they will help them win the prize pot on offer. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, all of the numbers called during a bingo game are randomly generated, so even if a specific number is important to a player there is no guarantee that it will be called during a game.

Online Bingo Bonuses at Crown Bingo

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Royal Bingo Insights

Well there we have it folks, we hope our insights into the game of online bingo have helped to give all our players a better understanding of the game and provided new players with some helpful advice before you start marking a card in your opening game. Remember we have a whole range of online slots including the Roman-themed Centurion slot, space-themed Reactoonz slot and famous Rainbow Riches Megaways.