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Once you are a member of our family you’ll be desperate to start playing your first game because as everyone knows, you’ve got to be playing in order to win! Here at Crown Bingo there’s load of chances to win and all you need to do is decide which bingo game to play.

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Let’s just give you a few ideas to get you started. The traditional 90 ball bingo is the usual game which is played in the UK. Now we have a choice of three different rooms for you to take your chance. If you go into Bingo Room 1, which seems a logical place to begin, this room is open all day and offers some of our highest prize pots. You can also meet our Chat Masters, say hello and join in with the banter of the day.

Alternatively you could go straight to Bingo Room 2 which is our Community Room and is open from 8am to 2pm. There are loads of different games to play including Grand Prix Bingo and don’t forget that there are also some super prizes. There are chat games and…in fact there are so many games to choose from, you need to look for yourself!

Right, so now that you know what to expect in rooms 1, 2 and 3, let’s wet your appetite a little more by telling you about a few more ways in which you can play bingo. We’ve got 80 ball bingo games and 75 ball bingo games, which all have more terrific cash prizes for you to win.

Play live bingo with live bingo presenters!

Don’t forget our Bingo Studio Live which is open from 6pm till midnight. Our presenters are live and waiting for you to join them in the various feature games with many opportunities for you to win.

This is just a taster of all the exciting bingo games which you can play now that you’re a member. Don’t forget that we never sleep so that any hour of the day or night when you want to be a little livened up, just log in and get ready to play – it’s as simple as that.

Don’t forget the jackpots and the cash cow and all the other bonuses which you’ll soon find out about and be eager to join in with those games. Only by popping into each of the various rooms will you find out what’s going on. Introduce yourself to the Chat Masters who’ll be only too pleased to guide you around. There’s always conversations and general chit-chat to join in – you’ll never be lonely again.

Friendly customer support

Any little queries and our customer support team are always there to help – you can reach them by clicking on the icon or by sending an email – the choice is yours. We really want you to enjoy the time that you spend with us at Crown Bingo, so go on, play and enjoy your first game, and then come back again.