Room 1 - 90 Ball Bingo Room

Room 1 90 ball bingo

Type of bingo played

90 ball

Opening Times


Crown Bingo regally introduces Room 1 - our traditional 90 ball bingo with plenty of added extras!

In here you can play for 1 Line, 2 Lines and Full House prizes 24/7. It's certainly fit for royalty as it's packed with BOGOF offers, Penny Bingo hours and Cash Climb games.

And the cherry on top? You can play in this 90 ball bingo room ANYWHERE - whether you fancy logging in on your desktop, tablet or mobile!

Check out the daily schedule below and Daily Deals for Room 1 here.

Time Game Game Info
Midnight - 1am Late Night Bingo All tickets just 10p
1am - 3am Night Owl BOGOF 2p tickets, all BOGOF.
3am - 5am Twilight* 1p tickets for all games.
5am - 6am Early Bird* 1p tickets for all games.
6am - 8am Early Bird 1p tickets for all games.
8am -9am Wakey Wakey! Rise and shine with 10p tickets!
9am - 10am Morning BOGOF Tickets 15-50p, all Buy-One-Get-One-Free.
10am - 11am Take 10 Kick back with a brew and Take 10 with our fabulous 10p ticket bingo games.
11am - midday Happy Hour Get cashback on your bingo tickets if you hit STOP at the right time on the Happy Hour board!
Midday - 1pm Lunchtime Bingo Enjoy £10 - £30 min guaranteed prize pots on your lunch break!
1pm - 2pm Classic Bingo Play for £10 - £30 min guaranteed prize pots across the hour. We've thrown some Fair & Square games into the mix too!
2pm - 3pm £25 Big One Play for a guaranteed share of £25 prize pots across the hour.
3pm - 4pm Afternoon Delight All games with guaranteed £20 min prize pot.
4pm -5pm The Big 4 @ 4 Fair & Square games: All players will have 4 tickets - no more, no less! An fair shot at winning for all!
5pm - 6pm Happy Hour Hit STOP at the right time on the Happy Hour board to win cashback on your bingo tickets.
6pm - 7pm BOGOF Bingo All tickets Buy-One-Get-One-Free at 50p each. £15 minimum guaranteed prize pot.
7pm - 8pm Cash Climb As ticket prices get bigger, so do the prize pots! The higher you climb, the bigger your reward!
8pm - 9pm Big £50 All tickets 50p each with a share of £50 guaranteed prize pot to be won in each game across the session.
9pm - 10pm Promo Hour** Each day you will find a range of feature games playing out across the hour including the pick a box bonus game, spin the wheel and free ticket bingo games.
10pm - midnight Classic Bingo All tickets 15-25p, will you end your day shouting for the full house?

Amongst all of that action, we have these fabulous games too. These are not to be missed!

Game Game Info
Nifty £50 9am every day, £50 min shared prize pot.
Hourly £100 From midday - 5pm daily, play for a guaranteed share of the £100 prize pool.
£200 Big One 6pm to 11pm, on the hour every hour. All tickets 50p with £200 fixed jackpot.
£50 Half Time 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:30 am every day. £50 fixed jackpot, all tickets 25p.
£100 Half Time £100 fixed jackpots, all tickets 25p. Playing at 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 10:30pm and 11:30pm

Terms & Conditions

*Twilight and Early Bird bingo games from 3am - 6am will only play if a minimum of 5 players take part. If this minimum is not reached the game will be voided and any staked funds returned to you.
**Selected Promotional Hour games require players to buy a minimum number of tickets to trigger the bonus games.