Slingo Games at Crown Bingo

Slingo Games at Crown Bingo

Being one of the best online bingo sites on the web, it is imperative that we continuously look to add some of the most engaging casino games to our portfolio for all our players. Our latest addition is a combination of our bread and butter in the form of a bingo and slot game hybrid, known to many as Slingo. The crossbreed online casino variant most certainly has the potential to take over our arsenal as one of the most popular games here at Crown Bingo. Register today with us and receive a fantastic up to £350 Welcome Offer or 7 days of free bingo to use in some of our fantastic free bingo rooms here at Crown Bingo.

Play Slingo Games

What is Slingo?

The question on everyone's lips is, what actually are Slingo games? The hybrid casino game encompasses the features that have made bingo such a popular game, coupled with the intrigue that has made online slot machines so prominent at Crown Bingo. The casino game first came to fruition in the mid-‘90s across the USA and has seen a dramatic rise in popularity across all casino players. The amalgamation of the two games is simple, players are given a card (similar to a bingo card) where numbers are spun from the reels and will hopefully correspond with the numbers on your card.

How to Play Slingo

Slingo offers players the opportunity for a plethora of ways to win across the 5 x 5 grid, with random numbers that are spun in the machine. Not only is Slingo similar to slot games in the sense of the symbols they possess, Slingo also encompasses an abundance of bonus features, including Free Spins. To win, simply match up the numbers that descend from the machine with the numbers that are on your card! Why not try our latest addition to our Slingo arsenal in the form of Deal or No Deal Slingo?

Bingo Games at Crown Bingo

With such an array of fantastic online bingo games to choose from, ranging from 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball to our latest Newbie Room, we’ve got you covered for all your bingo needs here at Crown Bingo. So grab your bingo dabber, get comfortable and jump into one of our phenomenal bingo rooms!

Bingo Bonus Offer

Having such a variety of bingo rooms, we felt it was only fair to give our players a fantastic bingo bonus that has of course been passed by royal decree. Our first deposit bonus awards players with 100 Free Bingo Tickets to use in our bargain room. Not only can you jump into free bingo games, you can also play in our Newbie Room with our Registration Bonus & Welcome Offer! Just make a cash stake to access the Newbie Room where you can play 4 hours of free bingo everyday for 7 days! T&Cs apply.