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Combining online bingo with Online Slots made Slingo Games the perfect addition to our growing collection of games. Want to know more? Learn about Slingo Original Games below.

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As one of the best places to Play Casino Slots & Games Online online we're always on the hunt for the latest and hottest games available. Our latest addition is a combination of our bread and butter, Bingo and slots. Slingo is a hybrid game that puts together aspects of bingo and slots within the same game. With an enormous bingo community, we believe the Slingo crossbreed has the potential to take over our arsenal as one of the most popular game choices at Crown Bingo.

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What is Slingo?

The question on everyone's lips is, what are Slingo games? Known to some as Slingo Bingo the hybrid casino game encompasses the features that have made bingo such a popular game, coupled with the intrigue that has made online slot machines so prominent. Slingo first came to fruition in the mid-‘90s across the USA and has seen a dramatic rise in popularity across all casino players. The amalgamation of the two games is simple. Slingo players are given a card, similar to a bingo card, with a set of numbers the player must match. As you 'spin' you'll be given numbers, and if they match they are marked off on the card. The more rows you match increases the amount you can win. Getting a 'full house' will give your biggest winning opportunity.

How to Play Slingo Games

Playing Slingo is fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it. Spinning causes the Slingo machine to drop numbers for you to match on the grid. 5 Numbers at a time means the grid can fill up quickly. The quicker, the better because it gives you more chances to hit that full house from your initial stake. This is very much like bingo. As Slingo combines bingo with slots you can expect to find slot game features such as free spins, wilds and multipliers. In Slingo, wilds work very much like regular slots in that they match a random number from the grid.

How Do I Win at Slingo Games?

We're all looking for a win, right? Winning in Slingo is very much like winning in bingo. Try to match as many numbers across the grid, to complete lines along the way. Lines can be filled horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The more lines you match, the more you can win. Wilds and free spins will help you along the way. The overall aim is to get a 'Full House' which is achieved by matching every number on your grid. Getting a full house will provide you with your biggest winning multiplier.

Ready to play? Try our latest addition to our Slingo games collection in the form of Slingo Reel Extreme or Slingo Riches.

Slingo Functionality & Buttons

Set Your Stake - To get started, make a deposit, then decide on the amount you'd like to stake on your chosen Slingo slot. Each stake will get you a limited number of spins to play through. To adjust the amount you want to stake just use the "+" or "-" signs. You can increase or decrease the total stake to play within a budget that suits you.

Spin The Reels - With your stake set, you're now ready to spin the Slingo reels. Clicking "spin" drops a ball, like in bingo, which will give you 5 numbers or bonus feature such as a free spin. The aim is to match these numbers on the reels which will be automatic should you get a matching number.

Free Spins - In Slingo landing a free spin will give you an extra ball out of the Slingo Machine without costing you anything. Like a regular spin, you'll get 5 numbers, or bonuses, helping to fill your Slingo grid.

Wilds - Wilds are your best friend. In Slingo, wilds come in the form of Jokers and Super Jokers. When a wild appears in the row below the grid, the column it's in is highlighted on the grid. You can then select the number from that column you'd like to match. Sometimes the wild automatically choose a tile from the column.

Collect - If you have reached a winning amount you can collect you Slingo winnings.

Spinning After Set Spins Finish - Played through your initial Slingo spins? You can continue to spin for an additional stake. The cost of this stake varies depending on the amount of 'Slingos' (winning lines) you're close to winning. The extra spins can cost more than your initial stake so it's a good idea to keep an eye on this and play within your limits.

End Game - Once you've finished your set Slingo game and don't plan to stake anymore you can end your game before starting again with your initial stake and set number of spins. This is a good option if the next spin amount is too costly. Just end the game to start with a fresh grid.

What Do The Slingo Symbols Mean?

Joker - A Joker works as a wild. When you get a joker you a number in its column above is marked off, sometimes chosen by the player.

Super Joker - Mark off any number on the grid above.

3 or More Jokers / Super Jokers - Land 3 or more jokers for an instant cash prize.

Devil - We don't want to see the Devil! Landing a devil blocks your potential matches.

Free Spin - Awards you with 1 free spin.

Coin - Getting a coin gives you an instant cash prize.

What Are The Best Slingo Games to Play in the UK?

As you probably know by now Crown Bingo is committed to offering our players the best choice of games. We recently added 11 Slingo titles to our collection with more to come in the future. With 11 games to choose from you might be wondering where to start. Well that's up to you but if you'd like some advice we've listed some of our personal favourites below:

Rainbow Riches Slingo

The Original Rainbow Riches took the world of the casino by storm when first introduced and has seen plenty of sequels such as Rainbow Riches Megaways. With no surprise, Slingo welcomes Rainbow Riches Slingo to the family. Expect to find the lucky Leprechaun and all other common symbols in the Slingo variation. Although there are no prizes for matching 1-3 rows starting at the 4th the potential return increases nicely.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Deal or No Deal is another game that has joined the world of casino in many forms such as Deal or No Deal Megaways and Deal or No Deal Live. This popular TV game show translates perfectly to Slingo. The gameplay is very much like the original show in which you pick your box, watch as total prizes leave the board and receive offers from the banker. Can you beat the banker? Play Deal or No Deal Slingo to find out.

Monopoly Slingo

Everyone and their mother has played Monopoly which is most likely why we've seen so many casino variations. Popular titles include Monopoly Live and Monopoly Megaways.

However, we're here to talk about Slingo. Slingo Monopoly fills the gap providing a unique Monopoly experience. The gameplay stays true to the Monopoly board game doing an epic job of bringing it to the world of Slingo.

Centurion Slingo

Centurion is well known among players in both land-based and online casinos. It was only a matter of time before it was transformed into a Slingo game. What makes Centurion Slingo is the bonus rounds. Match 5 or more lines to play the bonus games which can even take you through a normal slot reel with free spins and big multipliers.

Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Fortunes is very much like Deal or No Deal Slingo but with a Far Eastern theme. Slingo Fortunes does a good job of involving the player from picking your envelope to dealing with the banker. Being very much like Deal or No Deal Slingo means you'll most likely have your personal favourite but we think Slingo Fortunes is worth a spin!

Play Slingo Demo Games for Free - No Deposit Required!

Even as a slot game expert or bingo veteran playing Slingo games might be a little bit confusing at first. That's why we offer you free demo play on all of our Slingo games. Playing the demo for free means you can learn Slingos mechanics, experience the bonuses of each game as well as plan your Slingo strategy whilst costing you nothing. Each Slingo game varies slightly in functionality so by playing the demo you can be certain you know what you're doing before depositing a penny.

Demos are only available to registered users. If you're new to Crown Bingo then register to play our Slingo games for free. New players can get 10 FREE Spins on the world's most popular slot Book of Dead. Unlock up to £100 cash by playing your favourite games. Full T&Cs Apply.

To find out more head over to our Casino & Bingo Promotions page. If like many you're baffled by casino promotions we have put together a Simple Guide to Casino Bonuses, Offers and Promotions in 2020.

Slingo Demo Benefits Summary

-Demos are available for all of our Slingo / slot games but only accessible to registered users.

-Learn the Slingo game mechanics

-Experience the bonus rounds

-See what it takes to get a full house

-Find the Slingo game you like to play

-Just simply play our Slingo games without depositing a penny.

Slingo F.A.Q

Which Slingo games should I play?

Crown Bingo provide our players with the best and most popular Slingo titles including Slingo Riches, Slingo Centurion and Deal or No Deal Slingo.

Why play Slingo games at Crown Bingo?

We are dedicated to providing our players with the best selection of games, including Slingo games. Our experts handpicked the Slingo titles we offer. If new Slingo games are released we think are worth your time then we'll add it to our site as quickly as possible!

Can I win real money playing Slingo?

Yes! As with all of our slot style games outcomes are based on RNG. If luck is on your side then Slingo provides big win potential.

Can I play Slingo for free?

All of our Slingo games come with a demo version which offers free play to registered users.

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