Top Online Bingo Games?

Top Online Bingo Games at Crown Bingo

Written 8th November 2019

Here at Crown Bingo, we know that many of our players are already online bingo aficionados, and those who are stalwarts of one specific bingo type will head straight for those rooms when they fire up our website. Many players come directly to us because, even though we have a growing collection of online slots, bingo is what we do best.

If you’re new to the world of online bingo and you’re just finding your feet in terms of what games are on offer, then we’ve got you covered in our review, so you can find the perfect game for you. We’ve also got a handy glossary of bingo terms which you can refer back to when you’re conversing in our chat rooms or checking off the winning numbers on your cards.

What Are My Online Bingo Choices?

In the royal realm of Crown Bingo, our choices for rooms and bingo games are second to none. We have six rooms ready and available all with active games you’ll be able to join at just the click of a button. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which of them is right for you?

Before we dive into the detailed explanation, here's a simple look at what we offer including traditional 90 ball bingo games, pattern-driven 75 ball bingo, fast and furious speed bingo games, free bingo and our private VIP Room so you should never be short of options if you’re looking to grab your dauber.

However, if you’re still at a crossroads as to which game is right for you, our queen has put together this handy guide so you’ll always be in the know whether you’re firing up your desktop, tablet or playing bingo on-the-go

What is 75 Ball Bingo?

Predominantly played in North America, 75 ball bingo is one of the most popular forms of online bingo you’ll find across the world. The cards for this game are designed in a non-traditional format and consist of a 5x5 grid, with each separate column containing five random numbers ranging from 1-75. If you’re unfamiliar with the setup, we’ve included some handy pointers below:

Column one contains numbers from 1-15 Column two features five numbers between 16-30 Column three contains four numbers with one blank space ranging from 31-45 Column four contains five numbers ranging from 46-60 Column five features five numbers that fall between 61- 75.

To win a game of 75 ball bingo, you’ll need to match a pattern of numbers across your bingo ticket. But these won’t always be just straight or vertical lines across your card, as in this game you can also make winning patterns with slanting lines or by marking all four corners of your card. We know that can be a little confusing for online bingo beginners, so we’ll always be sure to let you know if you’re a winner in one of our games.

Each ticket you purchase can give you an additional chance to win, as prizes will normally be paid out for matching numbers across one line, by successfully making a pattern, or by matching all the numbers on the card in a full house.

What is 90 Ball Bingo?

At Crown Bingo, one of the most popular and traditional formats of online bingo we see is 90 ball bingo. One of the fastest-growing games, this bingo format is played in a similar way to all other online bingo games, where a caller will read out the selected numbers and if they appear on your card, they’ll be daubed off.

The cards used in 90 ball bingo differ to those you can buy for 75 ball bingo in that they have three lines and nine segments in which you match numbers. In a bingo hall, a player will buy a set of six tickets which will feature every number from 1-90, and the aim is to match all the numbers on one ticket to win the prize pot on offer.

In this game of online bingo, there are only three ways to win. Players can either match numbers to complete one line, two lines or find all the numbers on any of their tickets to complete a full house. It sounds simple, but you'll need to pay attention, so you don't miss a number. But remember if you play online bingo, all your tickets will be automatically marked.

What is Speed Bingo?

Do you have the need for speed, Crown Bingo players? Then fear not as we have a game mode which is right up your street. Fast-paced and offering super-quick wins, each game of Speed Bingo lasts approximately 3 minutes, which means they’re ideal for players who like playing on-the-go.

The difference between this game and other forms of online bingo is the speed and you’ll still need to match all of the numbers on your bingo card if you’re to win a game. There are nine in total that you’ll need to daub, but it can offer you some big prizes if you’re the first to do so.

At Crown Bingo, we offer three hours of Speed Bingo for players to sink their teeth into each day, so keep an eye on the time if this is the game for you!

Where Can I Play Online Bingo?

Crown Bingo royal subjects both old and new will be delighted to know that every one of our bingo rooms and games are available to play on your smartphone or tablet on-the-go and from the comfort of your own royal boudoir, chamber or great hall, so you’ll never miss a game.

Royal Verdict

Well there we have it folks, whether you’re looking to play 90 ball bingo, 75 ball or try your hand at Speed Bingo, we’ve got all your needs covered right here at Crown Bingo. But if you’re looking for something to try in between rounds, then why not browse our catalogue of online slots where you could spin the reels of an old favourite like Wish Upon A Jackpot, or visit the magical cave of wonders in Genie Jackpots?