Bingo Calls 2021: What Are Bingo Lingo Calls Guide

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Bingo Calls Explained: What is Bingo Lingo?

Updated 11/03/2021


If you’re an online bingo player you’ll be familiar with the dulcet tones of bingo callers using funny, well-known sayings associated with the number being called. This is known in the trade as Bingo Lingo. Maybe you’ve joined one of our bingo games after browsing through our collection of Online Slot Games or you’re completely new to bingo. You’ll likely be confused, at first, hearing strange bingo calls like 88 - Two Fat Ladies. One benefit of playing at Crown Bingo is that you can select to have your tickets to be automatically daubed. On the other hand, you may be a bingo veteran looking to scrub up on your bingo lingo calls for our Bingo Chat. This guide will help everyone straight get to the top of the class. If you're new to bingo then our Guide on 90 Ball Bingo would be a good place to start to learn the ropes!

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Where did Bingo start?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of bingo terminology, perhaps our Crown Bingo players would like to know where the game came from? Well, the game has European routes and stems from the Italian Lottery which was originally known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia which later changed to Le Lotto.

Le Lotto had many of the elements we see in modern-day online bingo, including three horizontal rows of numbers and nine vertical columns across them, but those cards only use five unique numbers. Now the game is well-liked all over the globe, and it gives players an equal chance of winning the full house Bingo Jackpot.

Bingo Number Sayings and Bingo Slang Meanings

Despite bingo calls adapting over the years, some of the traditional calls we all know are still used to this day. But where exactly did these calls come from?

The history of bingo calling stems back to the 1950’s, with Housey Housey, a version of bingo that soldiers during World War II played. Many bingo nicknames have originated from military terms, funny rhymes which were said and slightly risque jokes. The original bingo phrases are more associated with funny rude bingo calls, whereas 21st century bingo calls tend to use more sayings and modern day slang. This is probably the main reason why millennials are now coming up with alternative bingo calls to the originals, in a bid to being more ‘woke’ in today’s society.

Number 10 for example, becomes “Boris’ Den” or whoever is or has been the Prime Minister at that time, referring to Number 10 Downing Street.

Number 30 however, doesn’t seem to have changed from the original known bingo call. “Dirty Gertie” is used for the number 30, making reference to a bawdy song called Dirty Gertie from Bizerte which was sung by troops in North Africa during World War II.

Another one which may not be well known is number 59, Brighton Lane. Brighton Lane refers to the road running from Victoria Station to the seaside town, made famous by Oscar Wilde’s acclaimed play, The Importance of Being Earnest.

Number 9, “Doctor’s Orders” is another one which has stuck around through history. This comes from a slang term for a laxative pill given to troops during the war.

Number 1, “Kelly’s Eye” has debatable origins. It is thought again to come from military slang, and a possible reference to Ned Kelly, the Australian outlaw and gang leader who’s famous metal helmet had an eye slit which resembled the number 1.

56, “Was she worth it?” comes from the cost of a wedding licence in the 1950’s, where it cost five shillings and sixpence to get married. The cheeky call speculates as to whether it was worth paying the money for your marriage, to which players often call back, “Every penny!”.

Another (moderately offensive) call number 80, “Gandhi’s Breakfast”, makes reference to Gandhi’s hunger strike. And what did he eat? Nothing, hence the eight zero.

Bingo Lingo: Where did the calls come from?

The rhymes originated in East London in the mid-20th century, where it’s commonplace to use rhyming to communicate ‘hidden messages’. This is known as Cockney Rhyming Slang. Before long these slang phrases were used in bingo halls helping players to differentiate between different numbers as they were called. In a rumbling room full of excited bingo revellers numbers such as 40 and 50 can sound similar. Bingo Lingo helps to speed up the game whilst making sure each player hears the number. And, of course, it’s funny! As the popularity of bingo expanded around the UK phrases often took regional meanings. Below you’ll find the full list of bingo phrases, their respective numbers and meanings.

There are 90 bingo numbers with calls, matching the most popular variation of bingo in the UK, 90 Ball bingo.

New Bingo Calls List 2021

Throughout the history of Bingo, number calls, sayings and slang have been adapted to fit the era. The original call list, which you'll find below, relates heavily to the 40s, and 50s. Many of the old terms relate to a time of war, or deemed rude / offensive by today's standards.

Are you looking for a modern set of Bingo phrases and sayings? Here's a few relatable 21st century bingo calls.

Bingo Number Sayings in 2021: An Updated Calls List
Old Bingo Lingo Call New Call for 2021
7. Lucky 7 7. Flexitarian
9. Doctor's Orders 9. Get an Uber From Mine
14. Valentines Day 14. Netflix and Chill
15.Young & Keen 15. Yas Queen
25. Duck & Dive 25. Quarter-life Crisis
31. Get up and run 31. Man Bun
32. Buckle My Shoe 32. Fake News
35. Jump & Jive 35. It's a Vibe
38. Christmas Cake 38. Avocado on a Plate
48. Four Dozen 48. Not Another Brexit Debate
49. PC 49. Amazon Prime
52. Danny La Rue 52. Breakfast for 2
53. Stuck in a Tree 53. Here's The Tea
54. Clean The Floor 54. Lads on Tour
68. Saving Grace 68. Late for my Tinder date
74. Candy Store 74. Recycle More
78. Heaven's Gate 78. Haters Gon' Hate
79. One More Time 79. Your Place Or Mine?
83. Time For Tea 83. Gluten Free
86. Between The Sticks 86. Instagram Pics
88. Two Fat Ladies 88. Wills & Kate

So, there we have it. A list of calls that modernise some of the less popular bingo phrases making them more relatable for the younger generation of 2021. We think there's some great sayings on the list that are just hilarious and perfect for the 21st century.

Modern Bingo Lingo Calls for 2021 Explained

For those of you wondering what the heck these new, modernised updated bingo calls mean we've broken down each one to explain. Not only will you be able to use your new bingo lingo, you'll also know they mean. Prepare bingo lovers, a new expert bingo caller is in town for 2021.

Number 7 - Flexitarian

Old Call: Lucky 7

With the younger generation becoming more aware of living healthy and the impact each person has on the planet we're not surprised to see bingo saying reference vegetarianism. A flexitarian is someone who follows a casual vegetarian style diet without completely cutting out meat. The diet is becoming increasingly popular helping to reduce meat as a primary source of protein as well as their carbon footprint.

Number 9 - Get An Uber From Mine

Old Call: Dr's Orders

Late for work? Uber. Night out? Uber. In 2021 everyone is using Uber taxis to get from A-B around the world. The reference in this call relates to having 'pre-drinks' at a friends house before going for a night on the tiles.

Number 14 - Netflix & Chill

Old Call: Valentines Day

The 14th of February, the day where old romantics celebrate their relationship together. In the 21st century 'Netflix & Chill' has become code for date night. You may ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to 'watch Netflix and chill' meaning to come over to your house for a 'date'.

Number 15 - Yas Queen

Old Call: Young & Keen

'Yaaass Queen' has become a popular phrase you'd say in celebration. Your friend looks amazing in their new outfit, or has just been promoted to a new job position? 'Yas Queen!' It's a new way of showing support and saying you're amazing!

Number 25 - Quarter-life Crisis

Old Call: Duck & Dive

25 is the age known as the 'quarter-life crisis.' The period between 20 - 30 is known to be stressful with people not knowing what to do with their life, or not feeling like they're achieving what they want. It's not a new theory however with the impact of seeing everyone living their 'best life' on social media often leaves others feeling left behind.

Number 31 - Man Bun

Old Call: Get up and run

The ‘man bun’ is quite literally, a male who has scraped his hair into a bun on top of his head. This hairstyle became a hit amongst the younger generation in the 21st century, but it doesn’t discriminate on age - you’re 45? You rock that bun, hun!

Number 32 - Fake News

Old Bingo Slang: Buckle My Shoe

Fake News has become a hot topic in 2021 since Donald Trump deemed a number of News agencies as reporting bogus stories. On the internet, fake news is prevalent with stories often catching on and going viral.

Number 35 - It's A Vibe

Old Bingo Rhyme: Jump & Jive

Sticking to the traditional method of rhyming bingo slang 'It's a vibe' rhymes with the number 35. It is a way of saying you can relate. If your friend is wearing a crazy new shirt you could say 'wearing that shirt is a vibe'.

Number 38 - Avocado on A Plate

Old Call: Christmas Cake

With Flexitarian making its way into the bingo lingo list it was only a matter of time before Avocado made an appearance too. In recent years Avocado has become cult super-food that all healthy eaters, vegetarians and vegans have been scoffing.

Number 39 - Love Island Time

Old Call: Steps

Love Island is the sensation which has taken the UK by storm over the last few years, where a villa filled with good looking singles enter a villa in Spain looking for love. It’s become such a sensation recently however, that people have begun questioning whether the contestants are in it for love or simply for their five minutes of fame on the TV.

Number 48 - Not Another Brexit Debate

Old Bingo Call: Four Dozen

Please, no, not again. Let's keep this one short and sweet. Brexit took over the news, social media and the office kitchen so much so that we'd all had enough of hearing about it in the end. Being such a hot topic it's no shock to see it on the list of 2021 bingo lingo; oh, and it rhymes nicely with 48.

Number 49: Amazon Prime

Old Bingo Saying: PC

As shopping moves online the popularity of Amazon has soared. It's the go-to place for all things shopping in 2021. Rhyming with 49 makes it an obvious candidate for the bingo call.

Number 52: Brunch for 2

Old Call: Danny La Rue

‘Brunching’ has become hugely popular in recent years, particularly amongst the younger generation, with bottomless brunch being a big hit in restaurants and cafes. No longer is it simply breakfast or lunch, when you can combine the two together!

Number 53: Here's The Tea

Old Bingo Call: Stuck in a Tree

Just like it's old counterpart "Here's The Tea" rhymes with the number 53. Like Bingo, Tea is ingrained into British culture, but for a different reason to a simple cup of tea. ‘Here’s the tea’ is the equivalent to saying ‘Here’s the gossip’ in today’s society, with many youngsters referring to gossip as ‘tea’ now.

Number 54: Lads on Tour

Old Bingo Saying: Clean the Floor

"Lads on Tour" is a popular phrase used to describe a group of men on holiday. It refers to going on tour with a sports team. You'll often see British stag dos all wearing 'lads on tour' t-shirts.

Number 68: Late for My Tinder Date

Old Call: Saving Grace

Gone are the days of meeting a new partner face-to-face. In 2021 online dating has taken over with Tinder being the app of choice for meeting new people and arranging to go on dates. Who said romance is dead?

Number 74: Recycle More

Old Bingo Rhyme: Candy Store

Another saying relating to the younger generation taking more effort towards 'saving the world'. Recycling is commonplace in the 21st century with many people, manufactures and business making a direct effort to reduce the amount of waste we create.

Number 78: Haters Gon' Hate

Old Saying: Heaven's Gate

Haters Gon' Hate is a way of saying someone will always be jealous. It's a way of showing support, voicing encouragement and dismissing those that disagree.

Number 79: Your Place Or Mine?

Old Saying: One More Time

One of the rude bingo calls out there; your place or mine is the cheesy pick up line, which quite literally means, are we heading to your place or my place?

Number 83: Gluten Free

Old Saying: Time For Tea

Another one from millennials - the gluten free diet is a more recent healthy lifestyle choice many people are switching to in a bid to improve their overall health and enjoy a more natural lifestyle.

Number 86: Instagram Pics

Old Bingo Call: Between the Sticks

Instagram is a social media image sharing platform. If it's not on Instagram it didn't happen. In 2021 everyone and their mother is sharing their life on Instagram which makes it an obvious bingo lingo candidate.

88: Wills & Kate

Old Bingo Rhyme: Two Fat Ladies

The old bingo slang for 88 could be deemed offensive and rude by today's standards. The new saying was most likely chosen because of the rhyme. With Will and Kate two of the most popular members of the Royal family and with William set to become King in the future makes this no surprise. In fact, during the Coronavirus lockdown, Will & Kate got online to play virtual bingo with residents of a care home in the UK. They even took on the role of Bingo Callers. Maybe our guide on bingo lingo gave them a helping hand?

Bingo Lingo Calls: The Ultimate Completed List

Bingo Numbers, Calls and Slang Phrases
1. Kelly’s Eye - Military slang, possibly referring to a Ned Kelly’s helmet where the eye slot resembles a number 1.
2. One Little Duck - Relating to the shape of a duck which resembles the number 2. Also known as me and you, rhyming with number 2.
3. Cup of Tea - Rhymes with number 3. Also known as the romantic rhyme, you and me.
4. Knock at the Door - Rhyming with 4.
5. Man Alive - Rhyming with 5.
6. Tom Mix - Rhyming with number 6. Sometimes known as a ‘Half Dozen’.
7. Lucky Seven - 7 is well known as a lucky number, especially in casino slots.
8. Garden Gate - Rhymes with 8. Sometimes known as ‘Golden Gate’.
9. Doctor’s Orders - Number 9 was a laxative used by army doctors in WW2
10. (Prime Minister’s Surname) Den - Refers to whoever currently resides at 10 Downing Street.
11. Legs 11 - Referring to the legs resembling legs. Players often wolf whilst in reply.
12. One Dozen - 12 is equivalent to a dozen.
13. Unlucky For Some - 13 is well known as an unlucky number.
14. Valentine’s Day - Referring to the date of Valentine’s Day. Also Commonly known as the lawnmower in reference to original lawn mowers having 14-inch blades.
15. Young and Keen - Rhymes with 15.
16. Sweet 16 - Referring to the song ‘Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed’. Also known as ‘Never Been Kissed.’
17. Dancing Queen - Rhymes with 17 and refers to the popular Abba song ‘Dancing Queen’.
18. Coming of Age - 18 is the date a teenager becomes an adult in the UK
19. Goodbye Teens - 19 is the page where people are no longer teenagers
20. One Score - A reference to darts where 20 units make one score. Also known as Getting Plenty which rhymes with 20.
21. Royal Salute - Referring to the 21 gun salute presented and royal and military ceremonies. Also known as ‘key to do the door’ which refers to 21 being the age a person reaches the age of majority.
22. Two Little Ducks - Two number 2’s look like two ducks
23. Thee and Me - Rhymes with 23. Sometimes known as ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ referring to the first words of Psalm 23 in the old testament.
24. Two Dozen - 12 x 2 = 24 equalling two dozens.
25. Duck and Dive - Rhymes with 25 and refers to 2 being the duck, and 5 being an upside-down duck.
26. Pick and Mix - Rhymes with 26. Sometimes known as A-Z as there are 26 letters in the alphabet.
27. Gateway to Heaven - Rhymes with 27. Also known as duck and a crutch relating to the number shape.
28. Overweight References the shape of the number 8 and rhymes. Sometimes known as ‘In a State’ as 2 and 8 is slang for 'being a state', or rather drunk.
29. Rise and Shine - Rhymes with 29.
30. Dirty Gertie - Derived from the name ‘Gertrude’.
31. Get Up and Run - Rhymes with 31.
32. Buckle My Shoe - Rhymes with 32.
33. Dirty Knee - Rhymes with 33. Also known as all the threes, or fish chips and peas.
34. Ask For More - Rhymes with 34.
35. Jump and Jive - Referencing the dance step.
36. Three Dozen - 12 x 3 is 26 = 3 dozen
37. More Than 11 - Rhymes with 37.
38. Christmas Cake - A famous cockney rhyming slang phrase.
39. Steps - From 39 steps, a famous film.
40. Naughty 40 - Referring to the phrase life begins at 40
41. Time For Fun - - Again referring to life beginning at 40. Rhymes with 41.
42. Winnie the Pooh - Rhymes with 42 and refers to the famous loveable honey-bear.
43. Down on Your Knees - Popular phrase from wartime soldiers.
44. Droopy Drawers - Rhymes with 4 and refers to sagging trousers.
45. Halfway There - Halfway towards 90 balls
46. Up to Tricks - Rhyming with 46
47. Four and Seven - Reference to the numbers that make up 47.
48. Four Dozen - 3 x 12 = 48 equal to four dozen.
49. PC - Referring to the famous Police Constable from a 40s tv called ‘Adventures of PC 49’.
50. Half a Century - Referring to 50 years, half of a century (100 years). Also known as ‘It’s a bullseye’ relating to hitting the 50 in darts.
51. Tweak of the Thumb - Rhyming with 51. Sometimes known as ‘I love my mum’ depending on the region you’re playing.
52. Danny La Rue - References famous drag performer Danny La Rue. Otherwise known as a chicken vindaloo, introduced by Butlins, or deck of cards.
53. Stuck in the Tree - Rhyming slang
54. Clean the Floor - Rhymes with 54, also known as ‘Man at the door’
55. Snakes Alive - Figure of the numbers are similar to the shape of snakes, rhymes. Often known as all the 5’s.
56. Was She Worth It? - In the 1950s the cost of a marriage license was five shillings and sixpence.
57. Heinz Varieties - Refers to the famed Heinz 57 slogan by the food company, Heinz.
58. Make Them Wait - Rhymes with 58.
59. Brighton Line - Relates to the two starting numbers of Brighton phone area codes.
60. Five Dozen - 5 x 12 = 60 equal to 5 dozen.
61. Baker’s Bun - Rhyming with 61.
62. Turn the Screw - Rhymes with 62. Sometimes known as ‘tickety-boo’.
63. Tickle Me 63 - Rhyming phrase.
64. Red Raw - Rhymes with 64. Also known as almost retired.
65. Old Age Pension - The age males were formally able to collect their pension.
66. Clickety Click - Rhymes with the number 66.
67. Made in Heaven - Rhyming with 67.
68. Saving Grace - Referring to a famous film from around 1986.
69. Either Way Up - Describing the opposite shapes of the numbers 6 and 9. Can be known as ‘any way up’ or ‘a favourite meal of mine’, a rather rude term.
70. Three Score and 10 - Describing the total of 3 ‘scores’ ( see number 20) + 10. Why not just stick to saying 70!?
71. Bang on the Drum - Rhymes with 71.
72. Six Dozen - 6 x 12 = 72 equal to six dozen.
73. Queen Bee - Rhymes with 73.
74. Candy Store - Rhymes with 74
75. Strive and Strive - Rhymes with 75. Also known as the ‘big daddy’ in 75 Ball bingo as 75 is the highest number.
76. Trombones - ‘76 Trombones’ is a popular marching song.
77. Sunset Strip - From the popular 1970s TV show “sunset strip” and often sung by the players
78. Heaven’s Gate - 7 meets the golden gate 8 creating heaven’s gate. Sometimes known as 39 above as 39 + 39 = 78.
79. One More Time - Rhyming with 79 and a joke about the repetitive nature of bingo calling.
80. Eight and Blank - Referring to the numbers that make 8. Also known as Gandhi's breakfast as he ‘ate nothing’.
81. Stop and Run - Rhyming with the number.
82. Straight on Through - An expression to mean keep on going however also rhymes with 82.
83. Time For Tea - Rhymes with the number 83.
84. Seven Dozen - 7 x 12 - 84. Who’s still counting at this point?
85. Staying Alive - Referring to the famous Bee-Gees disco hit.
86. Between the Sticks - Referring to the position of a goalkeeper between the posts.
87. Torquay in Devon - Pinpointing the Torquay in Devon as opposed to other Devon’s in the British Empire. Rhymes with 87.
88. Two Fat Ladies - A funny saying that pairs the shape of the double 8 with that of ‘two fat ladies’.
89. Nearly There - Last number before the final ball
90. Top of the Shop - Bingo numbers stop at 90 and this refers to the last number. Sometimes known as ‘end of the line.

Rhyming Bingo Number Calls based on shapes

11- Legs 11

Referring to the two 1’s being a pair of legs which will often receive a wolf whistle from the players.

22 - Two little ducks

The number two looks like a duck, right? So the pair of 2’s make two little ducks.

25 -Duck and Dive

Whilst the 2 looks like a cute little duck, the 5 represents a diving duck upside down.

44 - Droopy Drawers

Another reference to legs that describe a pair of trousers falling down.

69 - Either Way Up

Describes both the 6 and 9 exact opposites of each other.

88 - Two Fat Ladies

One of the funniest and easiest to see. The 8’s refer to the shape of a fat lady.

Rhyming Bingo Calls

There’s a huge number of rhyming bingo calls so here we’ll describe the Crown Bingo favourites.

Number 8 - Garden Gate

Likely referring to a drop of point for gangs and smugglers in the UK.

17 - Dancing Queen

Referring to the well-loved Abba Song that everybody knows, Dancing Queen.

51 - Tweak of Thumb / I Love My Mum

Because we’d all be useless without mums!

Historical Bingo Calls

1 - Kelly’s Eye

Holding dual historical meanings. One referring to the slit commonly known as Kelly’s Eye in a soldier's helmet. Also relates to the famous Australian gangster, Ned Kelly, famous for his bulletproof armour in his final police standoff in 1880.

9 - Doctor’s Orders

A well-known phrase in the UK referring to the number nine pill given out by medics in ww2.

10 - Boris’ 10

This one changes with the times depending on who is running as prime minister in number 10. Known as Maggie's Den, Cameron’s Den and Mays Den in the past.

21 - Royal Salute

A renowned salute used for military and royal ceremonies. It’s a site anyone British person will know.

42 - Winnie The Pooh

Referring to the much loved Winnie The Pooh, the famous honey-bear.

52 Was She Worth It?

The price of a marriage license was five shillings and 6 pence in the 1950s. Women players will usually shout back “Every Penny!”

Bingo Lingo: Classic Bingo Calls

References to dozen

If you can multiply by 12 these numbers should be easy for you to remember. In Bingo we have the half dozen, a dozen, two dozen, three dozen all the way up to 7 dozen! Below are some other traditional bingo nicknames to guide you through your journey. If you can count to 90 you should be good to go!

7 - Lucky Seven

Seven is well known as a lucky number often appearing in the casino. Games such as Hot Spin Deluxe and other pub fruit style games use 7s as a symbol on their reels.

13 - Unlucky For Some

Popularised as an unlucky number with references such as Friday 13th where ‘everything goes wrong’. Don’t worry - this number can still land!

14 - Valentine’s Day

A reference to the lovers in the crowd that celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.

19 - Coming of Age

A time we all remember. Leaving our teenage days behind.

45 - Halfway There

The middle number with a total of 90 bingo balls in a 90 ball game.

65 - Old Age Pension

A time many people look forward to meaning they can stop working and begin to relax in their life.

89 - Nearly There

A funny call meaning we’re one number away from the final 90 ball.

90 Top of The Shop / End of The Line

The final ball in a 90 ball game.

Bringing Bingo Number Sayings Online

As you can see from our list many of the bingo calls go back a lot of years with numbers referencing to decades such as the 50s and 60s. With the modernisation of bingo being played in pubs and coffee shops, it helps to keep Bingo Lingo alive. As more people play bingo, sayings will become modernised and more relatable. As new terms are coined we'll have phrases and nicknames that mean more to each of us. We will also see a huge increase in regional sayings that mean different things to different people. Part of playing online is that players can be playing from anywhere meaning regional bingo dialect is likely to come in to play!

By playing online and continuing to use bingo lingo we contribute to keeping the hilarious, fun and heartwarming game of bingo alive. Compare your favourite bingo calls, regional slang and historic phrases to see who has the funniest nicknames.

Bingo lingo calling is a huge part of the community It's funny, helps to bring bingo players together, have a laugh, a joke and play their favourite game. It's a huge part of the spirit of bingo. At Crown Bingo we want our players to enjoy their games, meet new people and have a great time as is the way with classic bingo halls. Friendship is a huge part of what bingo is about and our bingo chat games help enforce that by bringing people together from anywhere in the country. Whether you play online, at a bar, bingo hall or just with friends you're bound to meet a group of people who will share the love of bingo and hilarity of the bingo lingo calls.

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Top Bingo Terms


It would be wrong to start a glossary of terms without mentioning the word Bingo itself. A call which can normally be heard across bingo halls if people match all the correct numbers on their card, or if you’re playing online bingo it’s something you’ll see a player type in the chatbox to show other players they’ve been successful.

75 ball bingo

This is the bingo game we generally associate with the US, and the cards used in this game have five lines across them which include 24 numbers, which players will need to match to either complete one line or a full house.

80 Ball Bingo

Here at Crown Bingo, we offer an 80 Ball Bingo variant where our players can enjoy a simplified variant of our player favourite 90 ball bingo. A new online bingo game that takes popular facets of the 90 ball game, creating a new coherent version of the bingo game. The card may look slightly different to that of the 90 ball bingo game, however, the card is split across a 4x4 layout containing random numbers from 1-80.

90 ball bingo

This type of online bingo is typically called UK bingo, and it involves players having cards with different selections of numbers between 1 and 90. Tickets for this game normally include 15 numbers across three lines which they will need to match to win a prize. The term 90-ball comes from the fact that if a player has a full strip of cards (usually six), they will include every number from 1-90.

Minimum Buy-In

When purchasing an online bingo card, players can just buy one 1 ticket to take part in our bingo games, unless its a specific game type, for example, fair and square where every player can only buy 6 tickets to take part.

Multiple Wins

Because the numbers called in online bingo are randomly generated, there is a chance there could be multiple winners of a line or a full-house. If this turns out to be the case, the prize fund will be split evenly between each of the winning cards.

Progressive Jackpot

As is the case with an online slot, many bingo games also offer a progressive jackpot which will grow in size following a specific session or game until one lucky player wins the entire jackpot.

Bingo Card or Ticket

Depending on whether you play bingo in a hall or from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need to buy a bingo card to play either a 75-ball and 90-ball game.


In many online bingo games, this is the first winning opportunity that players will have. What this means is that you’ll need to match all of the numbers on one line of your bingo card with those that have been called, if you can successfully do this, you’ll be awarded a cash prize.

Full House

Players can achieve a full house in any bingo game by successfully marking off all the numbers on their bingo card.

Eyes Down

At the start of every Bingo game, it's common for the caller to say “eyes down” to draw a players attention and ensure they’re prepared if they’re marking cards in a bingo hall.


Whether you’re playing traditional bingo or online bingo, there will be a person calling out each number as it's drawn. In bingo halls, these calls can be accompanied by some comical rhymes associated with each of the numbers, whereas in online bingo, the numbers are drawn by a random number generator and then relayed to the players.

Chat Room

If you’re like many of our Crown Bingo players, you’ll like to have a bit of a chin wag between your rounds of 75 or 90 ball bingo, and if you’re playing online bingo, then the chat room is the perfect place to do it. Entering a chat room associated with a specific game or bonus can see you meet with like-minded players, and here at Crown Bingo we also offer our royal subjects the chance to play in our chat bingo rooms where you could win a bingo bonus or free spin on one of our collection of online slots.

Chat Game Glossary

Now you know all there is to everything about bingo lingo calls we have listed some of the most popular acronyms used in bingo chat's to make sure you can talk easily with your bingo friends.

Chat Acronyms
1TG One bingo ball to go
2TG Two bingo ball to go
3TG Three bingo ball to go
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BRB Be Right Back
BTW By The Way
CYA See you later, bye
GG Good Game
HB Hurry Back
JP Jackpot
3TG Three bingo ball to go
JK Joking
LOL Laugh out Loud
NP No Problem
OMG Oh My Gosh
PLZ Please
TY Thank You
WD Well Done
YW You're Welcome

Time to Play Bingo - Put Your Bingo Lingo Calls & Sayings to Use

Now you know all the amusing calls, phrases, nicknames and slang. Bingo Lingo is your new second language (or maybe your first language) and you're ready to play. If you're new to Crown Bingo make sure you take advantage of our Bonus Bingo & Casino Promotions. If you're confused by casino promotions our New Guide to Casino Bonuses and Promotions in 2020 can point you in the right direction.

We offer Bingo Jackpots in some of our rooms where bingo prizes increase as more players stake. To stay on top of our daily deals in each room head over to our Daily Bingo Deals page to get the full lowdown.

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